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GENERAL LITERATURE. ADAMS, F. O., F.R.G.S.-The History of Japan. From the

Earliest Period to the Present time. New Edition, revised. 2

vols. With Maps and Plans. Demy 8vo, 21s. each. ADAMSON, H. T., B.D.-The Truth as it is in Jesus. Crown

8vo, 8s. 6d. The Three Sevens. Crown 8vo, 5s. 6d. The Millennium ; or, the Mystery of God Finished. Crown 8vo,

cloth, 6s. A. K. H. B.--From a Quiet Place. A New Volume of Sermons.

Crown 8vo, 5s. ALLEN, Rev. R., M.A.-Abraham: his Life, Times, and Travels, 3800 years ago.

With Map. Second Edition. Post Svo, 6s. ALLEN, Grant, B.A.-Physiological Æsthetics. Large post

Svo, gs. ALLIES, T. W., M.A.-Per Crucem ad Lucem. The Result of a

Life. 2 vols. Demy Svo, 255.

A Life's Decision. Crown 8vo, 75. 6d. ANDERDON, Rev. W. H.-Fasti Apostolici; a Chronology of the ANDERSON, R. C., C.E.-Tables for Facilitating the Calcula

years between the Ascension of our Lord and the Martyrdom of SS. Peter and Paul, Crown 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d.

tion of Every Detail in connection with Earthen

and Masonry Dams. Royal 8vo, £2 25. ARCHER, Thomas.-About my Father's Business. Work amidst

the Sick, the Sad, and the Sorrowing. Cheaper Edition. Crown

8vo, 25. 6d. ARMSTRONG, Richard A., B.A.-Latter-Day Teachers. Six

Lectures. Small crown 8vo, 25. 6d.
ARNOLD, Arthur.-Social Politics. Demy 8vo, 145.

Free Land. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s,
AUBERTIN, 7. 7.-A Flight to Mexico. With Seven full-page

Illustrations and a Railway Map of Mexico. Crown Svo, 75. 6d. BADGER, George Percy, D.C.L.-An English-Arabic Lexicon.

In which the equivalent for English Words and Idiomatic
Sentences are rendered into literary and colloquial Arabic.

Royal 4to, £9 9s.
BAGEHOT, Walter.-The English Constitution. Third Edition.

Crown 8vo, 75. 6d.
Lombard Street. A Description of the Money Market. Seventh

Edition. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d.
Some Articles on the Depreciation of Silver, and Topics

connected with it. Demy 8vo, 5s. BAGENAL, Philip H.-The American-Irish and their In

fluence on Irish Politics. Crown 8vo, 5s. BAGOT, Alan, C.E.-Accidents in Mines: their Causes and

Prevention. Crown 8vo, 6s.
The Principles of Colliery Ventilation. Second Edition,

greatly enlarged. Crown 8vo, 5s. BAKER, Sir Sherston, Bart.-Halleck's International Law; or,

Rules Regulating the Intercourse of States in Peace and War.
A New Edition, revised, with Notes and Cases. 2 vols. Demy

8vo, 38s.

The Laws relating to Quarantine, Crown 8vo, 125. 6d. BALDWIN, Capt. 7. H.—The Large and Small Game of

Bengal and the North-Western Provinces of India,

With numerous Illustrations. Second Edition. 4to, 215. BALLIN, Ada S. and F. L.-A Hebrew Grammar. With

Exercises selected from the Bible. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. BARCLAY, Edgar.-Mountain Life in Algeria. With numerous

Illustrations by Photogravure. Crown 4to, 16s. BARLOW, James H.-The Ultimatum of Pessimism. An

Ethical Study. Demy Svo, cloth, 6s, BARNES, William.-An Outline of English Speechcraft.

Crown 8vo, 45.

BARNES, William. - continued.

Outlines of Redecraft (Logic). With English Wording.

Crown 8vo, 35. BARTLEY, G. C. 7.-Domestic Economy: Thrift in Every Day

Life. Taught in Dialogues suitable for children of all ages.

Small crown 8vo, 25. BAUR, Ferdinand, Dr. Ph.-A Philological Introduction to

Greek and Latin for Students. Translated and adapted from the German, by C. KEGAN PAUL, M.A., and E. D.

STONE, M.A. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s. BAYNES, Rev. Canon R. H.-At the Communion Time. A

Manual for Holy Communion. With a preface by the Right Rev.

the Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. Is. 6d. BELLARS, Rev. W.-The Testimony of Conscience to the

Truth and Divine Origin of the Christian Revela

tion. Burney Prize Essay. Small crown 8vo, 35. 6d. BELLINGHAM, Henry, M.P.-Social Aspects of Catholicism

and Protestantism in their Civil Bearing upon
Nations. Translated and adapted from the French of M. le
Baron de Haulleville. With a preface by His Eminence
Cardinal Manning. Second and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo,

35. 6d.

BENN, Alfred W.-The Greek Philosophers. 2 vols. Demy 8vo,

cloth, 28s. BENT, 7. Theodore.-Genoa : How the Republic Rose and Fell.

With 18 Illustrations. Demy Svo, 18s. BLOOMFIELD, The Lady.-Reminiscences of Court and Dip

lomatic Life. With three portraits and six illustrations by

the Author. Third edition. 2 vols. Demy Svo, cloth, 28s. BLUNT, The Ven. Archdeacon.—The Divine Patriot, and other

Sermons. Preached in Scarborough and in Cannes. Crown

8vo, 6s. BLUNT, Wilfred S.—The Future of Islam. Crown 8vo, 6s. BONWICK, J., F.R.G.S.-Pyramid Facts and Fancies. Crown

8vo, 5s. Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought. Large post Svo,

los, 6d.

BOUVERIE-PUSEY, S. E. B.-Permanence and Evolution.

An Inquiry into the Supposed Mutability of Animal Types.

Crown 8vo, 55.
BOWEN, H. C., M.A.-Studies in English, For the use of Modern

Schools. Third Edition. Small crown 8vo, is. 6d.
English Grammar for Beginners. Fcap. 8vo, is,

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