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change of thought and feeling, and countenance, which took place on that occasion ! What movements! What operations! It is a resurrection day, or the changing of the shadows of death for morning light. Bright signs of life are seen through all the camp. See how the maidens run, some with cups, and sone with pitchers, which they quickly fill and criul, and haste away to their respective tents to qucrch the thirst of the sick, the aged, and the little ones,-joyfully exclaiming, O children! Plenty of water! Drink abundantly--there are rivers still behind.

In a short time we see thousands of orch, and asses, and sheep, and goats, approaching in haste, to take the drink of life. Neither were the feathered tribes inactive--the turtle doves, the pidycons, the swallows, ihe spurrows, the robin-redlrcast, and the little wren, scent tive water, and with their little hills drink to satiety.

Look back to the day of Penticost, and sce the wators vf-eternal life flowing through the twelve channels of the twelve apostles. What mighty and marvellous revolutions of thought, fucling, and consecuee! and what change of countonances took place with theusands on that day. They had the faces and hearts of profane and wicked men in the morning; but they felt the power of the resurrection befre ri lit. became thirsty, and found the vessels of faith and re. pentance to rain waters fiem the fuistain of pardon.

They experienced life for the deal! O, what a glo. rious sigát will be presented to the church, when the fulness of Jews and Gentiles, in the lillenial age, shall come in, and shall drink of the well of salvation, according to the measure of their faith!

The water followed the camp of Israel. with them every morning, and kept pace with them through the day: opening its way into the ground, it

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abode by them through the night. The little children, early rising, would run back into their tents, and say: Mother, the river is with us to-day again-manna is coming down to-day a gain, Mother.

In a word, the spiritual blessing of the death of Christ ever follow the church through the parched ground of afliction, and the shadows of death; and when she shall come up out of great tribulation, her garments will be found washed in the blood of the Lami). And there the Lairb sliall lead her to everlasting fountains of living water and they shall thirst

no more,



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1. The Enmity of God, and Mcdiatorial Office of

Christ. Tim. 1; 2: 5.
11. The Gospel the best Mirror to Exhibit the

Glory of God. Tim. 1; 1: 11.
III. The Resurrection of Jesus Proves Him to be

the Son of God. Matt. 28; 6.
IV. The Victory of Christ over the Wcrld, a

Source of Peace and Comfort to the Saints.

John, 16; 33.
V. Christ the Antior of our Salvation. Heb. 5; 9.
VI. The Faith of Job in a Living Redeemer. Job.

| 19; 23, 27.




VII. The Kingdom of Christ. Dan. 2; 44, 45. 105
VIII. On the Necessity of Christ's Ascension. Acts
3; 21.

IX. Christ the Foundation of Zion's Salvation.
Zech. 3; 9.

X. The Christian Armour. Eph. 6; 15, 10. 155
XI. The Redemption of Man brings Glory to God.
Luke 2; 14.

XII. Man's Corruption and Condemnation, and

Restoration to the favor of God. Rom. 5: 15 181
XIII. The Victory of Calvary. Isaiah 63; 1, 6. 193
XIV. The personality and Oflice of the Iloly Spirit.
John 14; 16, 17.

XV. The Reciprocal Glory of the Father, Son, and

Holy Spirit, in the Salvation of Sinners.
John 16; 13, 14, 15.

XVI. The Finished work of Christ. John 19, 30. 232
XVII. The Time of Reformation. Heb. 9; 10. 242
XVIII. On Justification. Job 9; 2.

XIX. On Regeneration. John 3; 8.

XX. On Sanctification. Thess. 5; 23.

XXI. On Purification. Heb. 9; 14.

XXII. The sufferings of Christ. Pet. 1; 24. 303
XXIII. The Privileges of the Children of God. Rom.

XXIV. The Salvation of Sinners Founded on Christ.
Acts 4; 11, 12

XXV. The Promises of God. Ezek. 17; 22-24.

XXVI. The Excellency of God's Thoughts and
Ways. Isaiah 55; 8.

XX1. Te Communion of the Evangelical Church

with the Blood of Sprinkling. Heb. 12: 24. 364
XXVIII. Attaining the assurance of Hope. Pet 1:11. 366
XXIX. Progressive Sanctification. Eph. 5: 22, 25. 386
XXX. Christ the Antitype of the Rock of Horeb.
Cor. 10: 4.


8; 25.

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