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THE CHILDHOOD OF THE WORLD: A Simple Account of Man in

Early Times. By EDWARD CLODD, F.R.A.S. New Edition.

Crown 8vo. 38. “Likely to prove acceptable to a large and growing class of readers.”—Pall Mall Gazette.

“ The book is one which very young children could understand, and which grownup persons may run through with pleasure and advantage.”-Spectator.

“Its style is simply exquisite, and it is filled with most curious information."Christian World.

“I read your book with great pleasure. I have no doubt it will do good, and hope you will continue your work. Nothing spoils our temper so much as having to unlearn in youth, manhood, and even old age, so many things which we were taught as children. A book like yours will prepare a far better soil in the child's mind, and I was delighted to have it to read to my children.”—(Extract from a Letter from Professor Max MULLER to the Author). THE CHILDHOOD OF RELIGIONS: Including a Simple Account of

the Birth and Growth of Myths and Legends. By EDWARD

CLODD, F.R.A.S. Crown 8vo. 58. “His language is simple, clear, and impressive. His faculty of disentangling complicated masses of detail, and compressing much information into small space, with such felicitous arrangement and expression as never to over-tax the attention or abate the interest of the reader, is very remarkable.”—Examiner.

“ The style is very charming. There is something in the author's enthusiasm, something in the pellucid simplicity of his easy prose, which beguiles the reader along."- Academy. THE LIFE AND GROWTH OF LANGUAGE. By W. D. WHITNEY,

Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology in Yalé

College, New Haven. Second Edition. 58. “We commend Mr. Whitney's book as being a clear and concise summary of all that is known of the still infant science of language.”—Hour. MISSIONARY LIFE IN THE SOUTHERN SEAS. By JAMES HUTTON.

With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d.

This is an historical record of mission work by the labourers of all denominations in Tahiti—the Hervey, the Austral, the Samoa or Navigator's, the Sandwich, Friendly, and Fiji Islands, &c.

“ The narrative is calm, sensible, and manly, and preserves many interesting facts in a convenient shape.”Literary Churchman. A YACHTING CRUISE IN THE SOUTH SEAS. By C. F. WOOD.

Demy 8vo., with six Photographic Illustrations.. 78. 6d.

The author has spent considerable time in Polynesia, and his work is a description of the islands and the manners and customs of the natives as they exist. Much that is interesting from a scientific and ethnological point of view will be found in the volume.

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HENRY S. King & Co., LONDON.


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OCT - 4 1928



HAVING expressed a strong desire that the collection of Myths and Songs from the South Pacific, which the Rev. W. Wyatt Gill brought home with him from Mangaia, should not be allowed to lie forgotten, or, like other valuable materials collected by hardworking missionaries, perish altogether, I could not well decline to state, in a few words, what I consider the real importance of this collection to be.

I confess it seemed strange to me that its importance should be questioned. If new minerals, plants, or animals are discovered, if strange petrifactions are brought to light, if flints or other stone weapons are dredged up, or works of art disinterred, even if a hitherto unknown language is rendered accessible for the first time, no one, I think, who is acquainted with the scientific problems of our age, would ask what their importance consists in, or what they

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