Jesus and the Reign of God

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Fortress Press, 1993 - 304 pagini

Jesus and the Reign of God is a powerful and compelling evocation of the vision and reality of God's reign and its possibilities for the transfiguration of life in faith.

Song's search for a vision of life in God, inaugurated in his previous volume, Jesus, the Crucified People, takes him from ancient Egypt and China to modern Singapore, from Gethsemane to Tiananmen Square and always pulls him back to the Gospel stories.

In its earnest and intense quest for religious integrity in a world no longer dominated or defined by Christianity, Song's theology is a startling rebuke to Christologies centered either in historical-critical searches or church doctrines. For him theology is the biography of God, and Jesus' message of God's reign is evident in the densely packed histories of strangers and outcasts: in an Egyptian Muslim who composed a Christmas carol, in a Korean woman in Japan, in an old musician in a ruined church in China.

Engaged by these stories, the reader is pulled ineluctably into the reality they evince. As Song says, the reign of God in Jesus becomes manifest through movements of people to be free from the shackles of the past, to change the status quo of the present, and to have a role to play in the arrival of the future.

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Despre autor (1993)

C. S. Song is an internationally influential voice in Christian theology and a pioneer of Asian Christian theology and story theology. He is Professor of Theology at the Pacific School of Religion and immediate past President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

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