A Universal Biography: Containing Interesting Accounts, Critical and Historical, of the Lives and Characters, Labours and Actions, of Eminent Persons in All Ages and Countries, Conditions and Professions : Classed According to Their Various Talents and Pursuits : and Arranged in Chronological Order : Showing the Progress of Men and Things, from the Beginning of the World to the Present Time : to which is Added an Alphabetical Index for Reference, Volumul 4

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Sherwood, Jones & Company, 1826

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Pagina 168 - O, father abbot, An old man, broken with the storms of state, Is come to lay his weary bones among ye ; Give him a little earth for charity...
Pagina 170 - I find his Grace my very good Lord indeed, and I believe he doth as singularly favour me as any subject within this realm ; howbeit, son Roper, I may tell thee, I have no cause to be proud thereof ; for if my head would win him a castle in France (for then there was war between us) it should not fail to go.
Pagina 430 - In passing judgment upon the characters of men, we ought to try them by the principles and maxims of their own age, not by those of another. For, although virtn« and vice are at all times the same, manners and customs vary continually.
Pagina 162 - ... command. But let not your grace ever imagine, that your poor wife will ever be brought to acknowledge a fault, where not so much as a thought thereof preceded.
Pagina 43 - ... he ordered one of his attendants to place him under a tree, with his face towards the enemy ; then fixing his eyes on the guard of his sword, which he held up instead of a cross, he addressed his prayers to God, and in this posture, which became his character both as a soldier and as a Christian, he calmly awaited the approach of death.
Pagina 507 - ... of his well-concerted plan; and passing, in the warmth of their admiration, from one extreme to another, they now pronounced the man, whom they had so lately reviled and threatened, to be a person inspired by heaven with sagacity and fortitude more than human, in order to accomplish a design so far beyond the ideas and conception of all former ages.
Pagina 421 - Luther did not hesitate one moment about yielding obedience; and set out for Worms, attended by the herald who had brought the emperor's letter and safe-conduct. While on his journey, many of his friends, whom the fate of Huss under similar circumstances, and notwithstanding the same security...
Pagina 440 - This Doctor hath a swart colour, hanging look, frowning brows, eyes an inch " within his head, a nose hooked like a buzzard, nostrils like a horse, ever snuffing...
Pagina 397 - ... and low familiarity, his humour and gibing drollery, were well adapted to the times , and his oratory, according to the mode of eloquence at that day, was exceedingly popular. His action and manner of preaching too, were very affecting ; and no wonder, for he spoke immediately from his heart.
Pagina 430 - To rouse mankind when sunk in ignorance or superstition, and to encounter the rage of bigotry armed with power, required the utmost vehemence of zeal, as well as a temper daring to excess. A gentle call would neither have reached nor have excited those to whom it was addressed. A spirit more amiable but less vigorous than Luther's would have shrunk back from the dangers which he braved and surmounted.

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