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34 - impious innocent,] Mr. M. Mason reads pious innocent.

35 Sail seas in cockles,] Witches were supposed capable of sailing in nut-shells, cockle-shells, and such small vehicles. Gower says, imagination, and we will perform like wonders."

36 How a dozen of virginities?] What is the price of a dozen ?

-a number to be chaste.] There are many words which a commentator might substitute for number that would make this speech intelligible: but such an alteration would not be allowed, unless some reason appeared for believing one to be the original word of the author. Whatever that might be, I imagine, all will agree that number it was not.

38 - my dish of chastity with rosemary and bays!) Anciently many dishes were served up with this garniture, during the season of Christmas. The bawd means to call her a piece of ostentatious virtue.

39 You would not do me violence.] This refers to a part of the story that seems to be made no use of in the present scene. Thus, in Twine's translation: “ Then Apollonius fell in rage, and forgetting all courtesie, &c. rose up sodainly and stroke the maiden." See also page 338, at reference *l.

-you make more rich to owe ?] You make these endowments more valuable by your possessing them.

-when I did push thee back,] See note 39.




*2 No motion?] i. e. no puppet. The hand of Shakspeare is eminently conspicuous in this pathetic



If he be none of mine, my sanctity &c.] “The holy life I have so long professed will guard me from wishing for any other man than my own husband, let him be never so handsome to the view.'


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