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50. How are full satisfaction and free pardon consistent ?

51. What are we to understand by the imputation of Christ's righteousness for justification?

52. What are the absurdities implied in supposing a justifying faith to consist in a sure confidence of the pardon of our sins?

53. Point out the nature, privileges and evidences of adoption.

54. How do you describe, and prove the possibility of at taining an assurance, of God's love?

55. How do you describe the believer's peace of conscience, and point out the difference between it, and the false hope of the hypocrite?

56. How do you prove the doctrine of the saint's perseverance in a state of grace unto eternal life? And explain Ezek. xviii. 24. Heb. vi. 4-6, and the falls of David, Peter, and Judas?

57. Is sinless perfection attainable in this life?

58. What is the condition of the souls of believers immediately after death?

59. How do you prove that there shall be a general resurrection of the just and the unjust?

60. How do you prove there shall be a general judgment?

61. What are the consequences of the judgment to the righteous and the wicked?

62. How do you prove that the institution of the Sabbath, is of perpetual obligation?

63. How do you prove that public worship is to be celebrated on the Sabbath?

64. What is the nature of a Christian church? What are its standing officers?

To whom does the right of ordination belong?

65. What is the nature and import of baptism?

How do you prove that other modes than immersion are lawful?

66. How do you prove the divine right of infant baptism?

67. What is the nature and use, and who are the proper partakers of the Lord's supper?

68. What errors are implied in a prayer, the object of which is a change of divine purposes?

69. What is the nature, use and necessity of prayer?

70. How do you prove that family-prayer is a duty?

71. Wherein consist the unity and communion that should subsist in the church of Christ, and the benefits or advantages of it?

72. What are the rules and end of church discipline? What is the nature and design of excommunication?

73. What are the qualifications necessary to a minister of Christ?

74. In what does the happiness of heaven consist?

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