The Devil's Pulpit

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Book Tree, 19 iun. 2006 - 360 pagini

This series of sermons was meant to challenge the rigid and uncompromising views that were held by Christianity in England at the time. Reverend Taylor was originally a doctor who took up the holy orders in the Church of England. His intense curiosity and desire to find the truth found him studying the roots of Christianity and its interesting connections to astrology and the signs of the zodiac. He came to the conclusion that Christianity is based on much older religions and its rituals are directly descended from ancient Egyptian and pagan practices. Although Taylor's holy orders were revoked and he was banned from preaching in the U.K., he continued his work in Ireland. He later returned to England and became even more controversial than ever. Arrested for blasphemy, he kept writing in jail. Upon his release he toured the universities of England with a colleague, debating and beating virtually everyone with material covered in this book. Subjects covered include the origins of Christianity, the real purpose of Jesus and the apostles, and the importance of the zodiac and its symbolism in relation to Christianity. Rev. Taylor was a trailblazer for all those who dare to question current beliefs.

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Part 1
John the Baptist
Raising the Devil Part 1
Of Raising the Devil Part 11
Judas Iscariot Vindicated
The Crucifixion of Christ
The Cup of Salvation
Lecture on Free Masonry Part 1
Lecture on Free Masonry Part 11 1
Lecture on Free Masonry Part III
Lecture on Free Masonry Part Iv
The Redeemer
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