Department of Defense Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1971: Secretary of Defense, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Pagina 714 - The Bureau of the Budget in the Executive Office of the President is hereby designated as the Office of Management and Budget.
Pagina 910 - Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Under Secretaries of Defense Director, Defense Research and Engineering, Assistant Secretaries of Defense, General Counsel of the Department of Defense.
Pagina 794 - The General Counsel is the chief legal officer of the Department of Defense. He shall perform such functions as the Secretary of Defense may prescribe.] (d) [Repealed and restated in section 718 of title 10, United States Code.
Pagina 288 - ... force and Safeguard would be quite effective against that threat. c) That the Soviets deploy a MIRV on the SS-9, improve their ICBM accuracy, and do not stop building ICBM's at this time, but continue building them at their present rate.
Pagina 37 - ULMS should the nature of the threat warrant it in the future. As you know, Mr. Chairman, it •was my amendment to the Defense Appropriation Bill in the late 1950s that accelerated the development and deployment of POLARIS. In summary, our decision now to proceed with further deployment of SAFEGUARD gives us another year In which to pursue SALT without ourselves exacerbating the arms control environment through actions on offensive systems.
Pagina 641 - I must emphasize, however, that DoD has continuing, clear needs for certain selected foreign research and development projects. In some areas of communications, meteorology and medical research, for example, it is simply not possible to meet key DoD goals without supporting some research abroad. Often there are requirements for unique environmental or geographic characteristics which are essential for the investigation. In general, because the scientific community is essentially international...
Pagina 720 - ... thereof, relating to a particular factual situation or situations involving a specific party or parties whose rights, privileges, or liabilities under laws or regulations administered by the Internal Revenue Service, or other legal rights, are determined or immediately affected therein and to which the United States is a party or in which it has a direct and substantial interest, whether or not the same taxable periods are involved. Transaction does not include rule as defined in paragraph (a)(7)...
Pagina 39 - . . . we must strike a careful balance. If we do too little to help them — and erode their belief in our commitments— they may lose the necessary will to conduct their own self-defense or become disheartened about prospects of development. Yet, if we do too much, and American forces do what local forces can and should be doing, we promote dependence rather than...
Pagina 8 - The Soviets are continuing the rapid deployment of major strategic offensive weapons systems at a rate that could, by the mid-1970's, place us in a secondrate strategic position with regard to the future security of the free world.
Pagina 37 - By the mid-1970s the Soviets will probably have a submarine force capable of destroying most of our alert bomber and tanker force before it can fly to safety. This same submarine force threatens our National Command Authorities. We need the SAFEGUARD area defense to blunt the first few minutes of such an attack so that our bombers can escape and our command system can execute its prime function. Otherwise, we must turn to expensive alternatives such as...