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nitrogen, notoriety, revivalist, conniving, unreliable, acclimatize, ammoniacal, annihilate, declivous, demoniacal, perspiring, indecisive, environment, icicle, undeniable, unlicensed, unlikelihood.

o in bode.

Locomotive, opponent, equatorial, quotient, loathsome, inappropriate, devotedness, orotund, opprobriousness, socialism, encomium, bureaucracy, chauvinism, spoliater, poulterer, cognomen, condolence, corporeal, corrosive, decorous, diplomacy, diplomatist, misquoted, proposal, infusoria, localize.

oi in boi.

Cloister, poignant, clairvoyance, reconnoiter, avoirdupois, boisterous, avoidance, buoyancy.

ow in owl.

Counterfeit, foundling, counselor, mountainous, abounding, befouled.

u in duke.

Nuisance, dubious, indubitable, maturity, illuminate, obtuse, enthusiasm, acumen, attuning, beauteous, circuitous, peculiar, archdukedom, assiduity, circumlocution, circuitousness, astute, amusement, spurious, ambiguity, minutiæ.

e in met.

Adolescence, amendatory, anemograph, antebellum, betterment, prevalent, blessedness, breathless, brethren, celestial, celluloid, censurable, centenary, cherish, chemistry, cleverness, clericalism, coalesce, commendable, competitive, complexity, incomprehensible, inconsequential, condescendingly, enviousness, epidemic, equestrianism, forensic.

i in it.

Admittance, militarism, astringency, astigmatism, asynchronism, belligerent, benediction, billings-gate, brilliancy, chivalrous, Christendom, commiserate, conditionally, delic

iousness, diligence, revisiting, explicitly, fiftieth, sacreligious, forbidding, glistening, gypsum, impossibility, pillory, inconspicuous, insufficiency, rivulet, physicist, novitiate, asphyxiate, aborigines, antithesis, archbishop, asphyxia, benignant, carnivorous, gibberish, lyrical, peninsula, brigand, cachinnatory, centrifugal, centripetal, chivalrous, commiserate, contiguously, convivial, equivocal, delirious, demolition, disputant, electricity, equanimity, erysipelas.


Abattoir, abdomen, abjectly, abjuratory, absolutory, acclimate, acclivous, acetic, acumen, adept, Adonis, aerated, aerial, aeriform, aerolite, aeronaut, agape, albumen, allude, ally, alternate (noun), alternate (verb), alternately, amenable, ammoniacal, annex, annunciation, antipodes, aorist, apotheosis, applicative, aquiline, arid, artificer, ascetic, aspirant, association, atelier, atomic, atrophy, attache, augury, auscultatory, auxiliary, Ave Maria, avoirdupois.

Bade, bayou, belles-lettres, bellows, bestial, bicephalous, bijou, bipartite, bitumen, borealis, brevet, brigand, brooch, caffeine, chameleon, caoutchouc, capuchin, casualty, casuistry, celibacy, ceramic, chastisement, cherubic, chiffonier, chimera, chivalrous, chyle, chyme, clandestine, clangor, classicism, coadjutor, connoisseur, consummate, contemplative, contrary, contrarily, controvert, contumacy, contumely, corrugate, corsair, courteous, covetous, crematory, critique, cuirassier, cuisine.

Data, debonair, debris, debut, debutante, decade, defalcate, deficit, delusive, demesne, demoniacal, denouement, derisive, dilapidate, dissentient, dissoluble, docile, domicile, dubious.

Eclat, edelweiss, effigy, egotism, eligible, elision, elixir, elusive, embroglio, empyrean, encyclical, enervate, ennui, en

semble, entrée, enumerate, enunciation, epitome, equable, equipoise, ermine, esoteric, exchequer, exclusive, exculpate, exeunt, exonerate, exorable, exoteric, expiatory, explicable, exquisite.

Facial, falchion, falcon, feline, fête, fetich, febrile, fiduciary, finale, finance, financier, flaccid, flagitious, formidable, frontal, frontier, fulsome, fustian.

Gallows, gape, gasometer, génie, genii, genuine, germane, ghoul, gibe, gondola, gondolier, granary, gubernatorial, guerdon.

Heinous, hierarchy, holocaust, homeopathic, homeopathist, homicidal, homogeneity, horizon, hospitable, hostage, hydropathy, hyperbole, hypocrisy.

Illusive, immobile, impetus, impious, implacable, importune, imprecatory, inalienable, incognito, incommensurable, incomparable, incomputable, incorrigible, inculcate, indict, indigenous, indisputable, indocile, indubitable, inebriety, inexorable, inexplicable, ingot, inquire, integer, integral, interlocutory, interloper, interminable, internecinal, internecine, interpolate, interregnum, inundate, inveigle, irascible, irrefragable, irremediable, irreparable, irrevocable.

Jasmine, jeremiad, jocose, jocund, juvenile.


Legendary, legislature, lethargic, leviathan, lithe, lithography, litterateur, lucubratory.

Mangy, mausoleum, mauve, metallurgy, metamorphose, meteorite, meteorology, mezzo-soprano, mimetic, minority, mobilize, monad, monogyny, mulct.

Naive, nasal, natatory, necromancy, noxious, numismatic, nuptial, nymph.

Obesity, obligatory, oblique, obscenity, occult, ocean, onerous, opera-bouffe, ophthalmy, opponent, outre, oyer.

Pacificatory, paleontology, palladium, palsied, panegyric, panegyrist, parachute, patron, patronage, pedagogics, pellucid,

pharyngeal, picayune, piquancy, placable, placate, plagiarism, plethora, porphyry, posthumus, prebendary, precedence, precedency, precise, prelude, precocity, predecessor, predilection, presume, primogeniture, priority, pristine, privacy, probity, process, procurator, procuress, prolix, promulgate, prophecy, proscenium, protege, protestation, protocol, provocation, provocative, psalm, pseudonym, psychical, publicist, puerile, puissance, pyramidal, pyrotechnics, pyroxene.

Quay, query.

Rabies, rapier, ratiocination, recitative, recluse, recondite, refragable, refutable, regime, renaissance, renunciation, reparable, repartee, repetitive, reprobatory, requital, reservoir, residuum, resume, retributive, reveillé, ribald, robust, romance, rotund, ruin.

Sacerdotal, salic, salutatory, sarcophagus, saturnine, schism, schismatic, scintillate, senile, seraphic, seraphim, serpentine, servile, sesame, silhouette, sinecure, solecism, sonata, soporific, squalor, stalwart, suicidal, superfluous, supine, supple, surfeit, syncope.

Tepid, thyme, tout-ensemble, troth, trousseau, truculent, truffle, tubercular, turbine.

Ukase, ultimatum, undulatory, unguent, ursuline.
Vehemence, verbatim, vibrative, vibratory, vocable.
Zodiacal, zoolite.


The Untrained Voice is Unequal to Demands.-The uncultivated voice rarely does the bidding of its owner; what the speaker desires to do and what his untrained voice actually does are, usually, very far apart. The speaker may be truly in earnest, but ineffective because his voice fails to carry the sound, or is unpleasantly high or rasping, or breathy or wheezy. Or, again, his stream of sound may be so thin that it fails to convey sincerity.

The Voice Can Be Improved.-Nature's kindness in regard to the voice is the same as in respect to all other organs. She has generously given to it a capacity for growth and refinement; also she has very generously withheld from us the limits of that capacity.

Organs Directly or Indirectly Necessary to the Production of Voice.-Diaphragm (muscle at base of chest and forming roof of abdominal cavity); abdominal muscles (extending across abdomen and waist in front); costal and intercostal muscles (joined to the ribs and aiding in the rise and fall of short ribs); pectoral muscles (extending over chest); thorax (cavity containing the lungs); lungs (with their air cells and tubes all joining and ending in two tubes, one from each lung, called the bronchi); the bronchi (which also join, forming the windpipe); windpipe or trachea (a large tube); larynx, or vocal box, in which sound is made (Adam's apple); true vocal cords (two white ligaments stretching across voice box; expired air passes on but one side of each, and in pure

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