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apprizing, appeased, visitant, proposing, interpose, irresolute, museum, unwisdom, disease, dizziness, divisible, mizzen-mast.

Sentence Drill:

see under s.


zh in rouge, seizure, vision.

Error in Pronunciation:

Sometimes incorrectly sounded like sh in she, ash.

Distinction Drill:

See Distinction Drill for sound "sh."

Accent Drill:

Pronounce the following, attacking vigorously the accented syllable:

vision, seizure, cortege, displeasure, immeasurable, cohesion, transfusion, delusion, unusually, incision, fusionists, provisionally, visualizing, sub-division, revision, casually, cohesion, abrasion, osier, casuistry, abscission, persiflage, erasure, leisurely, infusion, treasured, persuasion, explosion, confusion, collision, bourgeoisie.


See under "sh."


w as in wood, wet.

Errors in Pronunciation:

Sometimes incorrectly sounded like v in veal.

Distinction Drill:

Utter in pairs decisively, the mind intently upon the distinction:

Very, wary; veal, weal; vale, wail; veered, weird; averred, a word; vague, wake; vassal, wassail; vane, wane; vaunt, want; vaulter, Walter; vest, west; vent, went.

Accent Drill:

Pronounce the following, attacking vigorously the accented syllable:

wolverine, wabble, wafer, wagoner, wordliness, wainscoting, waving, interwoven, intertwining, wanderer, awakening, awarding, war-arrow, war-whoop, withershins, work-woman, war-ship, warrior, unwavering, warrantable, bewitching, watchword, watchfulness, water-way, waving, witchingly, wilderness, waywardness, wealthy, wearisomeness, weatherwise, weevil, well-wisher, westwardly, wishy-washy.


With worthiness we welcome Willie Varden.
We were very well versed.


wh as in whip.

Errors in Pronunciation:

Sometimes incorrectly sounded like w in wool, v in very.

Distinction Drill:

Utter in pairs decisively, the mind intently upon the distinction:

wether, whether; wye, why; wat, what; weed, wheat; wealth, whelp; weal, wheel; wear, where; wine, whine; wide, white; weal, wheel, veal; wary, wherry, very; wine, whine, vine.

Accent Drill:

Pronounce the following, attacking vigorously the accented syllable:

whacking, whatnot, whatever, wheaten, wheel-barrow, whichsoever, wheresoever, wherewithal, whimperer, whimsically, whipper-snapper, whirlwind, whisper, whistler,



wharfinger, over-whelming,

wheyish, whirligig, awhile.


When the wee whistler was very well whipped.
Why were virtue's warnings whimsically vetoed?



Webster's Dictionary, the Standard and the Century differ in respect to the correct pronunciation of many words. In these exercises, with few exceptions, the pronunciation is that preferred by the Standard.

Pronounce the words in the following exercise with decision, attacking vigorously the accented syllable, that is, the syllable that demands the primary accent.

2. Vary the method by uttering each syllable separately, then the whole word.

a in all.

Forestall, disenthrall, altering, psalter, lawyer, applaud, defraud, because, withdraw, foresaw, cauliflower, warrior, laudanum, laureate, gaudy, caulking, bawling, caucus, almanac, allspice, balking, appalling.

a in alms, father.

Cantata, almond, laughter, Alabama, martyrdom, disarmament, bourgeois (citizen), oleomargarine, disembark, promenade, becalmed, armful, embalming, lava.

a in ask.

Impassable, casket, master, basket, slanting, enhance, taskmaster, unasked, basswood, castor, everlasting, lancer, dancer, fastening, aghast, blasting, glass-blowing, impassably, pass

over, vastness, passport, password, pastoral, pasturage, plastering.

a in at.

Catamaran, chastisement, valentine, paramount, caravan, caricature, passenger, allopathic, coadjutant, combative, disenfranchisement, circumambulate, abjectness, abracadabra, adamantine, aldermanic, somnambulism, anachronism, animalcule, approbative, atavism, biographical.

a in fare.

Parentage, prepare, impairment, despairing, tearing, shareholder, ensnare, unaware, doctrinaire, unbearable, prayerfully, unfairly, heirloom, bearishness, carefully, comparing.

e in eke.

Chimera, coliseum, convenience, credence, cuirassier, cuisine, retreating, experience, inferior, apotheosis, cerement, chameleon, abstemious, adamantean, anæsthesia, capuchin, chevalier, egregious, encyclopedia, homogeneity, mausoleum, monocotyledon.

e in earn.

Alternately, earnestness, versatile, ermine, earning, unconcern, discerning, fertile, infernal, myrtle, mercifully, mercury, merchandise.

oo in hoof, fool.

Pollutedness, overshoot, bamboozle, moonlight, rudiment, proof-reader, disapprove, alluvial, plumage, oolong, ruthless, hoosier, denouement, abstruse, assurance, hallelujah, prurient, youthfulness, foolishness, toothsome, superfluity, spoonful, soothsayer, roofing, rootlet, overrule, caboose, unloosening.

oo in book.

Overtook, footprint, mistook, woodchuck, woolgathering, bullock, bulwark, bushwacker, bulletin, bullion, wolfish, rookery, womanliness, roommate, afoot, brooklet, bookbindery,

bulldozing, cookery, unwomanly, crookedness, fulsomeness, hoodwink, unhooking, forsook.

o in odd, cot.

Chronological, cochineal, commonwealth, incomparable, origin, orator, coronet, agnosticism, anemometer, confiscate, monogram, isosceles, mnemonics, anthropophagi, cacophony, chirography, chiropodist, contumacy, contumely, corollary, cosmopolite, epizootic.

u in bud, fun.

Covetousness, coverlet, crushing, cuttle-fish, buttresses,. accompaniment, agriculturist, annunciate, cupboard, bungalow, adumbrate, buckwheat, bulkhead, cutpurse, consummate, buncombe, enunciate, abutment, annulment, fulminate, perfunctorily, assumption, butternut, buzzard, circumference, covenanter.

u as in burr, urn.

Furtively, furniture, gurgling, hurtfulness, incursion, insurgent, bifurcate, objurgatory, pursuivant, courteousness, burden, murkiness, murmuring, nurturing, purposeful, surgeon, discourteous, appurtenance, burdensome, burgess, burgomaster, cursorily, curvature, surplice, concur, furrier, furtherance.

a in babe.

Contemporaneously, crystallization, defalcation, decoration, desperado, equivocation, exhortation, expatriate, monomaniac, vagaries, aeronaut, altercation, amelioration, apparatus, naturalization, plagiarism, aquarium, archangel, assailant, attache, aviary, bayonet, candelabra, carbonaceous, chicanery, civilization, commissariat.

i in bide.

Indecipherable, benighted, nightingale, ninetieth, piracy, derisive, dynamite, declining, diadem, admiringly, inquire,

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