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(Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (Continued)

EDITORIAL NOTE: Nomenclature changes to Chapter I appear at 37 FR 8059, Apr. 25, 1972.




Part 52

Processed fruits and vegetables, processed prod

ucts thereof, and certain other processed food
products .....


'Includes matters within the responsibility of the Federal Grain Inspection Service.

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INSPECTION SERVICE 52.4 Where inspection service is offered. 52.5 Who may obtain inspection service. 52.6 How to make application. 52.7 Information required in connection

with application. 52.8 Filing of application. 52.9 Record of filing time. 52.10 When application may be rejected. 52.11 When application may be withdrawn. 52.12 Disposition of inspected sample. 52.13 Basis of inspection and grade or com

pliance determination. 52.14 Order of inspection service. 52.15 Postponing inspection service. 52.16 Financial interest of inspector. 52.17 Forms of certificates. 52.18 Issuance of certificates. 52.19 Issuance of corrected certificates. 52.20 Issuance of an inspection report in

lieu of an inspection certificate. 52.21 Disposition of inspection certificates. 52.22 Report of inspection results prior to

issuance of formal report.

Sec. 52.24 Where to file for an appeal inspec

tion and information required. 52.25 When an application for an appeal

inspection may be withdrawn. 52.26 When appeal inspection may be re

fused. 52.27 Who shall perform appeal inspection. 52.28 Appeal inspection certificate.

LICENSING OF SAMPLERS AND INSPECTORS 52.29 Who may become licensed sampler. 52.30 Application to become a licensed

sampler. 52.31 Inspectors. 52.32 Suspension or revocation of license

of licensed sampler or licensed inspector. 52.33 Surrender of license.

SAMPLING 52.34 How samples are drawn by inspectors

or licensed samplers. 52.35 Accessibility for sampling. 52.36 How officially drawn samples are to

be identified. 52.37 How official samples are to be identi.

fied and shipped. 52.38 Sampling plans and procedures for

determining lot compliance. 52.38a Definitions of terms applicable to

statistical sampling. 52.38b Statistical sampling procedures for

on-line inspection by attributes of proc

essed fruits and vegetables. 52.38c Statistical sampling procedures for

lot inspection of processed fruits and

vegetables by attributes. 52.39 Issuance of certificate of sampling. 52.40 Identification of lots sampled.

FEES AND CHARGES 52.41 Payment of fees and charges. 52.42 Schedule of fees. 52.43 Fees to be charged and collected for

sampling when performed by a licensed

sampler. 52.44 Inspection fees when charges for

sampling have been collected. 52.45 Inspection fees when charges for

sampling have not been collected. 52.46 Fee for appeal inspection. 52.47 Fees to be charged for micro, chemi.

cal, and certain other special analyses. 52.48 Charges for plant survey and inspec

tion. 52.49 Charges for copies of score sheets. 52.50 Charges for additional copies of in

spection certificates. 52.51 Travel and other expenses. 52.52 Charges for inspection services on a

contract basis.

APPEAL INSPECTION 52.23 When appeal inspection may be re


1 Among such other processed food prod. ucts are the following: Honey; molasses, except for stockfeed; nuts and nut products, except oil; sugar (cane, beet, and maple); sirups (blended), sirups, except from grain; tea; cocoa; coffee; spices; condiments.

MISCELLANEOUS 52.53 Approved identification. 52.54 Debarment of service.

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