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manifest to you without any law. You ask, perhaps, what are the works of the flesh so incompatible with the freedom of the faithful? Should we not seek for them in some code of law? In the writings of Moses for instance, or in the moral disquisitions of the philosophers?

But, I reply, the works of the flesh need no written index to point them out, they are and ever have been sufficiently obvious to the common sense of mankind, to those whose spirit is not enslaved by the lusts of the flesh; such are adultery, fornication, filthiness, lasciviousness, the abominations of idolatry, the fatal arts of sorcery; such are the enmity, strife, eagerness, anger, contentiousness, factiousness, schism, which I regret to notice among you; such are envy, murder, drunkenness, gluttony, and the like; all which principles and practices I distinctly and especially tell you, as I have done before, are utterly incompatible with the baptismal pledge of the sons of God: they who are guilty of them, whether they be of the circumcision or of the uncircumcision, have no part or inheritance in the kingdom of God, whose rule is the rule of liberty. Such persons have no liberty, they cannot act as they would, they are not subjects of a free kingdom, they are under the bondage of sin and death.

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But those who act under the guidance of.. mind, who have broken the thraldom of their passions, who are, consistently with their pledge, spiritual as Christ was spiritual, are freed from the law of sin and death, they are not sensible of any law in their members, subverting that of the mind, they have crucified the flesh, by being baptized into the crucified body of Jesus, they have pledged themselves, whatever it cost, to discard for ever all selfishness, or that enslaving principle which constitutes the peculiarity of the flesh. They have grafted, as it were, the spirit of the disinterested Jesus upon or into their own spirit, and the natural fruits of the spirit thus regenerated with a graft from the holy vine, are love, joy, peace, forbearance, a disposition to be useful, kind-heartedness, faithfulness, mildness, self-command.

He who has established himself in these things, he who runneth thus in the way of the spirit, finds that he runneth in the way of the most perfect freedom, he finds that there is no law to restrain any of his movements. Those .. who are really members of Christ have for ever forsworn the tyranny of the flesh, its passions and lusts; they have crucified themselves with the crucified body of Jesus, and risen again regenerate in his spirit of faithfulness.

If then as members of Christ we are regene-.. rate in his spirit, if by baptism, in grateful

consideration of God's free pardon of our sins,
we have pledged ourselves to live in Christ's
spirit, let us move in unison with that spirit.
Let us make our conduct correspond with
our profession, and not, like the unregenerate ..
whether Jew or Gentile, involve ourselves in
vain contests for personal distinctions in the
carnal spirit of party, caballing with some, viz.
the circumcised as partizans, and with an evil
eye watching others, viz. the uncircumcised
as adversaries.

On the contrary brethren, even though a ..
man be in actual transgression, and in your
affectionate zeal you snatch him as a maimed
member from the destruction that threatens
him; (much more in a mere omission of a car-
nal ceremony,) even in such a case, in the case
of actual transgression, do you, who happily
continue in the ways of the spirit, with that
gentleness, which is one of the natural fruits of
the spirit, that is, of the mind or spirit when
it acts as it did in Christ, free from any undue
bias of the flesh; do
I say,
in gentleness
restore such a one as a maimed member of
Christ. But in the exercise of this lenity to
others, let each look well to himself, lest in his
compassion to the offender he be tempted
to become a partaker of the offence. Thus, ..
instead of aggravating each others burdens,

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lighten them as much as you can by mutual sympathy and support, assisting each other in the service of our Lord, fulfilling the law of love, that single law, (if what is rather a principle may be called a law,) which he has imposed upon us. I prove by these observations the unreasonableness of that spirit of sectarian selfishness and pride which exists among you, aggravating, by strife and contention, the dif ficulties you have to encounter ; I prove that spirit to be as irrational as it is mischievous. For, if any man outraging the charities of.. life, makes religion an affair of party, and because he prevails upon others to encumber themselves with circumcision, while in spiritual love he himself remains a child, makes pretensions to distinction among the brethren, he is perfectly unreasonable, he is under an infatu


The carnal spirit of party builds its importance upon the works of others, and talks of the multitude of its circumcised proselytes, but the spirit of Christ knows no distinction but what is personal. Let each of you bring to. the proof, rest his pretensions upon, his own

I think it will often be found that where an argument clearly infers a conclusion the apostle, without expressing that conclusion, uses the particle yap, and hurries on to other matters bearing upon, or springing out of, the unexpressed conclusion.

personal works, and not upon the work of another, and then his self-complacency, his exulting consciousness of the love of God, shall rest where it ought to do upon himself alone. For every vessel shall carry its own burden, .. cargo, or merchandize: let him who brings the word instead of limiting it by ceremonial obstacles, give practical, not mere ceremonial proof, that he has himself a property in its inestimable treasures, let both him who brings and him who receives the word, by personal application making it their own, participate fully in all the good it contains, in the purity which it enjoins, and in the grace without works which it proffers. Then shall every vessel carry its own burden, then shall every man rest his pretension solely upon himself, solely upon the personal benefit he derives by his personal application and improvement of grace.

Do not deceive yourselves. You will gain.. nothing with God, whatever you may with man, by an imposing array of the retainers of circumcision. On the contrary, by such a perversion of his goodness you are insulting him. Professing the glory of God, you are but laying out yourselves for the favor of man. But God will not be insulted, you shall personally reap what you personally sow; for whoever.. sows to the flesh as you do, whoever seeks only

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