An Essay Toward a History of Shakespeare in Norway ...

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University of Chicago, 1917 - 112 pagini
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Pagina 4 - But yesterday, the word of Caesar might Have stood against the world : now lies he there, And none so poor to do him reverence.
Pagina 80 - Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty : For in my youth I never did apply Hot and rebellious liquors in my blood ; 7 Nor did not with unbashful forehead woo The means of weakness and debility ; Therefore my age is as a lusty winter, Frosty, but kindly : let me go with you ; I'll do the service of a younger man In all your business and necessities.
Pagina 38 - At a fair vestal, throned by the west ; And loos'd his love-shaft smartly from his bow, As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts : But I might see young Cupid's fiery shaft...
Pagina 88 - Who chooseth me, shall gain what many men desire. Who chooseth me, shall get as much as he deserves.
Pagina 91 - Is sad to think upon his merchandise. Ant. Believe me, no : I thank my fortune for it, My ventures are not in one bottom trusted, Nor to one place ; nor is my whole estate Upon the fortune of this present year : Therefore my merchandise makes me not sad. Sal. Why then you are in love. Ant. Fie, fie ! Sal. Not in love neither ? Then let's say...
Pagina 31 - Your mind is tossing on the ocean; There, where your argosies with portly sail, Like signiors and rich burghers on the flood, Or, as it were, the pageants of the sea, Do overpeer the petty traffickers, That curtsy to them, do them reverence, As they fly by them with their woven wings.
Pagina 14 - ... Landsmaalet. In Skrifter i Samling is printed another little fragment of Romeo and Juliet, which the editor, without giving his reasons, assigns to a date earlier than that of the balcony scene. It is Mercutio's description of Queen Mab (Act I, Sc. 4). This is decidedly more successful than the other. The vocabulary of the Norwegian dialects is rich in words of fairy-lore, and one who knew this word treasure as Aasen did could render the fancies of Mercutio with something very near the exuberance...
Pagina 38 - My gentle Puck, come hither. Thou rememberest Since once I sat upon a promontory, And heard a mermaid, on a dolphin's back, Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath, That the rude sea grew civil at her song ; And certain stars shot madly from their spheres, To hear the sea-maid's music.
Pagina 78 - ... ability to enter into another personality, his capacity of imaginative expansion to include the lives of others. Compare the noble sonnet 112, which Collin translates: Din kjaerlighed og medynk daekker til det ar, som sladderen paa min pande trykket.
Pagina 28 - ... modern dialect and the exquisite silk and gossamer of the vocabulary of romance of a " cultured language." Madhus has been successful in rendering into Landsmaal scenes as different as the witch-scene, the porter-scene (which Lassen omitted for fear it would contaminate the minds of school children), the exquisite lines of the King and Banquo on their arrival at Macbeth's castle, and Macbeth's last, tragic soliloquy when he learns of the death of his queen. Duncan and Banquo arrive at the castle...

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