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The Life of
Ludwig van Beethoven

By Alexander Wheelock Thayer

Edited, revised and amended from the original
English manuscript and the German editions
of Hermann Deiters and Hugo Riemann, con-
cluded, and all the documents newly translated

Henry Edward Krehbiel

Volume III

Published by
The Beethoven Association

New York

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Copyright, 1921,
By Henry Edward Krehbiel

From the press of G. Schirmer, Inc., New York

Printed in the U. S. A.

Contents of Volume III


CHAPTER V. The Year 1824 — The Symphony in D

Minor-Its Technical History—The Choral Finale

and Schiller's “Ode to Joy”—First Performance of the

Work and Portions of the Mass-An Address to

Beethoven-Laborious and Protracted Preparations

for the Concert-A Financial Failure-Beethoven's

False Accusations against Friends and Helpers Drive

Them from the Dinner-Table


CHAPTER VI. Incidents and Labors of the Year 1824-A

Truce with the Hated Sister-in-Law-The Gesell-

schaft der Musikfreunde's Oratorio - Bernard's Li-

bretto—The Society Forgives Beethoven His Debt and

Elects Him an Honorary Member-Book of “The

Victory of the Cross”-Summer Sojourn at Penzing

Interrupted by Curious Visitors—The London Phil-

harmonic Society Receives the Symphony in D

Minor-Further Negotiations for the Mass— New

Publishers-Probst-Schott and Sons-A Visitor from

London-Beethoven's Opinion of His Predecessors—The

Quartet in E-flat, Op. 127—Trip to England Deter-

mined Upon


CHAPTER VII. The Year 1825. The Invitation from the

Philharmonic Society of London—The Ninth Symphony

Performed at Aix-la-Chapelle-Mass and Symphony

Delivered to Schott and Sons-Unpleasant Results of an

Attempted Joke on Haslinger-Beethoven and a

Copyist—The String Quartet in E-flat Taken Away

from Schuppanzigh after a First Performance-Karl

Holz-Beethoven Authorizes Him to Write the His-

tory of His Life-Early Biographers—Visits of Rellstab,

Kuhlau, Smart and Others—Sir George Smart's Recol-

lections—Dedication of the Mass in D—Stephan von

Breuning-Wegeler asks Beethoven to Defend the Honor

of His Mother—The Quartets in A Minor and B-flat 186

CHAPTER VIII. A Year of Sickness and Sorrow—The

Last String Quartets — Wolfmayer Commissions a

“Requiem” and Pays in Advance Many Works in

petto-Controversy with Prince Galitzin and His

Son—The Fugue in the B-flat Quartet -“Muss es

sein?”—Dedication of the Ninth Symphony—The King

of Prussia and His Gift of a Dubious Diamond—Abbé

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