Portrait and Story: Dramaturgical Approaches to the Study of Persons

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Greenwood Press, 1986 - 203 pagini

Seeking to restore a holistic approach to the study of the person, Professor Cochran explores and refines an innovative method of analysis based on the use of dramaturgical concepts. The author's approach reflects a dissatisfaction, shared by many in the field of personology, with the fragmented view of the person that typically emerges from quantitative, statistically based studies. His own method offers alternative ways of conducting research based upon two units. The first is story, a completed action or drama with a beginning, middle, and end. The other is position, a way of being or an emotional or existential condition. Showing these to be natural units of human experience, the author demonstrates, through a series of illustrative investigations, how they may be applied to research. Among the topics covered are the life plot, or the means by which a person comes into being, the meaning of significant action, how actions in a person's life form a theme with variations over time, and the integration of character and story. The author also discusses different life themes and their significance, and he tests the validity of dramatic principles as means of reality construction.

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Portrait and Narrative
How a Person Comes Alive
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