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On the Hebrew tenses in conditional clauses. By Rev. H. Ferguson.

On Job xix. 26. By Rev. J. I. Mombert, D. D.
Notes on the book of Tobit. By Prof. C. H. Toy, D. D.
On discoveries in Palestine. By Prof. Selah Merrill, D. D.


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Rev. Canon Maurice Baldwin, Montreal, Canada.
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Prof. John Binney,

Middletown, Conn.
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Prof. Francis Brown,

9 University Place, New York.
* Rev. J. K. Burr, D. D., · Trenton, N. J.
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President W.C. Cattell, D. D., Lafayette College, Easton, Penn.
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President Thos, Chase, LL. D., Haverford Col., Delaware Co., Penn.
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Newton Theol. Sem., Newton, Mass. Prof. Isaac H. Hall, Ph. D., Office of S. S. Times, Philadelphia. Prof. Samuel Hart,

Hartford, Conn. Prof. C. D. Hartranft, D. D.,

Hartford, Conn. (Box 524) * Died in April, 1882.

Rev. E. Harwood, D. D., New Haven, Conn.
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Rev. S. M. Jackson,

42 Bible House, New York.
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Prof. Selah Merrill, D. D., Andover, Mass.
Prof. H. G. T. Mitchell, Ph. D., Middletown, Conn.
Rev. J. I. Mombert, D. D., Passaic, N. J.
Prof. Howard Osgood, D. D., Rochester, New York.
Prof. John A. Paine, Ph. D., Tarrytown, N. Y.
Rev. Bernard Pick, Ph. D., Rochester, N. Y.
Prof. George Prentice, D. D., Middletown, Conn.
Rev. E. W. Rice,

1122 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Prof. Thomas H. Rich, Bates College, Lewiston, Me. Prof. M. B. Riddle,

Hartford, Conn. Prof. C. I. H. Ropes,

Bangor, Me. Prof. P. Schaff, D. D.,

42 Bible House, New York. Prof. Charles Short, LL, D., 24 West 6th St., New York. Prof. H. P. Smith,

Lane Theol. Sem., Cincinnati, Ohio. Prof. P. H. Steenstra,

Cambridge, Mass. Prof. James Strong, D, D., Madison, N. J. Prof. J. H. Thayer, D. D., Andover, Mass. Rev. John E. Todd, D. D., New Haven, Conn. Prof. C. H. Toy, D. D., Cambridge, Mass. Rev. Marvin R. Vincent, D. D., 37 East 35th St., New York. Rev. W. H. Ward, D, D., Office of Independent, New York. Prof. Henry R. Weston, D. D., Crozer Theol. Sem., Chester, Penn.


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Page 3, note, line 8 from bottom, for Oldshausen read Olshausen

17, No. 6, line 2, for co, Cou read 0 0)... cò.
34, 1. 4, for fur read für, and for 1868-9 read 1869.
37, line 8, for Septugaint read Septuagint.
75, line 3 from bottom, and p. 79, line 3 from bottom, substitute

a for o
89, No. 4, line 2, for is read Is

103, note *, adil at the end, i Macc. x. 69, tùy Üyta Šri zohnis Supias. " 112, line 2, for read unobjectionable

113, No. 2, line 2, for 9 read 6
123, note *, last line, for Cap. read Chap.
127, line 8, from bottom of text, place " after Christ
134, line 7. for Christian writers read ancient Christian writers

22, for Cardinal Newman read Dr. J. H. Newman
24, after Pseudo-Cæsarius add and Methodius as Pseudo-

139, 4th paragraph, last line, for p. 126 read p. 126, note f.

140, 2d paragraph, line 5, dele Amphilochius. (See p. 137.) " 143, 2d paragraph, line 8, for chirstl. read christl.

144, I. 21, for Sunde read Sünde.
146, 1. 9. for Herrüber read Herr über

last line, after N. T. add (1832) 147, last line, for Briefs read Briefes. Minor errors, e. g. in the Greek accents and breathings, the scholar will readily correct for himself.

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