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existing officers. The report was accepted, and the following officers were duly elected: Rev. D. R. GOODWIN, D. D., LL. D.,

- President. Rev. JAMES STRONG, D. D.,

Vice-President. Rev. F. GARDINER, D. D.,

Rev. C. A. BRIGGS, D. D.,

Rev. EZRA ABBOT, D. D., LL, D.,
Rev. GEO. E. DAY, D. D.,

Additional Members
Rev. TIMOTHY Dwight, D. D.,

of the Council. Rev. C. M. MEAD, Ph. D., The Report of the Treasurer was presented by Prof. Brown, and referred to an auditing committee appointed by the President, consisting of Profs. Prentice and Gould.

After discussion, it was voted that an hour, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be set apart at each meeting for such short notes and reports in the line of our work as may be presented by members, without being entered on the programme of the meeting. The hour immediately following the completion of Prof. Hall's paper was set apart for this purpose at the present meeting.

The auditors reported that the Treasurer's report was correct and duly vouched.

Prof. Hall's paper was continued at 7:35 and discussed until 8:25. Adjourned to attend the reception at the School of Fine Arts, and meet again at 9 A. M.

Friday, June 2d. The Society reassembled at 9 A. M. In the absence of the President pro tem., the Rev. Dr. Harwood was invited to take the chair, which he gave up to Dr. Day on his return. This being the hour for short papers and notes,

A note on Lenormant's Les Origines de l'Histoire, vol. II., chapter on Ararat and Eden, was read by Dr. Toy.

A note on S. Mark xii. 10, 11, was read by Prof. Hall.

A note on a recent criticism on The text, structure and authorship of the Apocalypse, by Völter, was read by the Rev. S. M. Jackson.

Dr. Schaff spoke at some length on Weiss' Leben Jesu. Dr. Dwight spoke on the Synoptical Gospels, especially S. Mark. Dr. Mombert read a note on the place of the printing of Tyndale's version, and on his study of Hebrew.

These notes, with the discussions to which they gave rise, occupied until 10:30 A. M. The hour having thus more than expired, other notes were deferred.

The next paper was read by the Rev. J. I. Mombert, D. D., on Job xix. 15-27, and was discussed until 11:25. The Rev. Dr. Dwight then paid a tribute to the memory of our late

colleague, the Rev. J. K. Burr, D. D., of Trenton, New Jersey, and was followed by Drs. Day, Schaff, and others.

On motion, Drs. Short and Dwight were appointed a committee to prepare a minute in relation to the death of Dr. Burr, to be entered on our Journal, and to be sent to his family.

The minute, as subsequently prepared, is as follows:

WHEREAS, it has pleased Almighty God to remove by death the Rev. J. K. Burr, D. D., our esteemed fellow-member, who was chosen as our associate for his learning and ability, we desire to place on record our sense of the loss which this Society has thus sustained.

Dr. Burr had won the regard of all that were associated with him, by his devoted piety, by his scholarship, of which he had given signal proof in an excellent commentary on a part of Holy Scripture, by his modesty, his calm judgment, and his entle and truly Christian spirit. Though continually suffering from ill health during the last years of his life, he was still faithful to every duty, and attended, even till their work was completed, the meetings of the Committee of Bible Revision, of which he was an esteemed member.

The devotion of his life to the highest studies, to the worthiest causes, and to the best institutions, will be kept in grateful remembrance by many who knew and honored him.

This society tenders to his family and friends its sincere sympathy in their painful bereavement.



The following minute was, on motion, unanimously adopted:

The Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis desires to express its interest in the Syriac MS., belonging to the Syrian Protestant College at Beirút, of which Prof. Hall has given an account, and its hope that this important document may be printed and published. Its early date, the fact that it includes nearly the whole of the New Testament, and the apparent priority of its text over the Harklean, make it desirable that the text should be in the hands of scholars.

Further, the Society would express the hope that the Codex itself may remain in this country, where it may be accessible to a larger number of scholars. We therefore respectfully request the present owners of the MS. to take into consideration the propriety of depositing it in some fire-proof building in this country.

The Council reported the place and time for the next meeting as New York, at the Union Theological Seminary, during the Christmas holidays, at such day and hour as may be fixed by a committee consisting of Profs. Briggs, Schaff, and Brown.

The Council recommended the following persons for election as members of the Society, all of whom have published works or articles on subjects connected with the work of the Society. They were thereupon duly elected, and have since signified their acceptance of membership: Prof. Wm. Arnold Stevens, Rochester Theol. Sem., Rochester, N. Y. Prof. W. R. Harper,

Baptist Union Theol. Sem., Morgan

Park, Chicago. Prof. W. G. Ballantine, Oberlin Theol. Sem., Oberlin, Ohio. Prof. Geo. H. Schodde, Columbus, Ohio. Prof. Edward L. Curtis, Presby. Theol. Sem. of the Northwest,

1060 North Halsted St., Chicago, Ill. Prof. O. S. Stearns, D. D., Newton Theol. Sem., Newton Centre,

Prof. Rufus P. Stebbins, D. D., Newton Centre, Mass.
Rev. Edward H. Jewett, D. D., Norwich, Conn.
Prof. Edwin C. Bissell, Hartford, Conn.
Prof. Revere F. Wiedner, Rock Island, III.

Voted, That the whole question of printing the proceedings be referred to the Council with power.

Voted, That the Secretary be authorized to dispose of copies of the Journal and Proceedings to members, for foreign distribution only, at fifty cents each.

The next paper on “ Tenses in Conditional Sentences in Hebrew," by the Rev. Henry Ferguson, in the absence of the author, was read by the Secretary.

The last paper on " Lost Hebrew Manuscripts," by the Rev. Bernard Pick, Ph. D., in his absence, was read by Prof. Brown, beginning at 12:30.

After the reading of the rough minutes, at 1:30 P. M., the Society adjourned.



December, 1882.

The Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis held its sixth meeting according to appointment in the chapel of the Union Theological Seminary, 9 University Place, New York, at 10 A. M., December 28th, 1882, the President being in the chair.

The following members were present during the session: Profs. Beckwith, Beecher, Bissell, Briggs, Brown, President Cattell, Rev. Dr. Chambers, President Chase, Rev. Dr. Craven, Chancellor Crosby, Prof. Day, Rev. Henry Ferguson, Profs. Gardiner, Goodwin, Hall, Hart, Hitchcock, Rev. S. M. Jackson, Rev. Dr. Jewett, Prof. Mitchell, Rev. Dr. Mombert, Profs. Paine, Schaff, and Short; in all, twenty-four.

The minutes of the last meeting were read, corrected, and then approved.

The Committee on Arrangements reported that they had provided for a recess from 1 to 2 P. M., followed by the hour for short notes, and then by the business of the meeting, with another recess from 6 to 7% P. M. This report was accepted and the arrangement adopted.

The first paper was then read by the Rev. Elijah R. Craven, D. D., on 1 Tim. iv, 1-5, beginning at 10:25, and was discussed until 11:35.

The next paper, on “ The Argument e silentio," was postponed, at the request of the author, until the next meeting.

The next paper, on “ The Testimony of the New Testament to the Authorship of the Old Testament Books," by Prof. Francis Brown, occupied until the hour of recess, at i P. M.

The Society reassembled at 2 P. M.

A number of extracts from letters of absent members, regretting their unavoidable absence, were read.

Short notes were then given as follows: By Prof. Gardiner, on the mention of Daniel by the Prophet Ezekiel, and the reasons therefor. By Prof. Brown, on the " History of the Beginnings of Semitic Civilization,” by Fritz Hummel. By the Rev. S. M. Jackson, on a book on " The Medical Language of St. Luke," by Dr. Hobart. By Prof. Gardiner, on the time occupied and the numbers involved in the deportations of the Jews by Nebuchadnezzar. These notes, and the discussions upon them, occupied until 2:50 P. M.

The Council then presented its report, fixing the time and place of the next meeting as the first week in June, 1883, at Middletown, Conn.

They also stated that a selection of the papers read at this and the preceding meeting could now be published in another number of the Journal, the funds in the treasury being sufficient for the printing of about 200 pages.

They recommended the following persons for election as members, who were thereupon duly elected, and have since signified their acceptance of membership. Rev. Wm. Henry Cobb,

Uxbridge, Mass.
Rev. F. G. Hibbard, D, D., Clifton Springs, New York.
Prof. A. B. Hyde,

Alleghany Coll., Meadville, Pa.
Prof. D. G. Lyon, Ph. D.,

15 Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass. Rev. R. W. Micou,

Waterbury, Conn. Rev. D. Steele, D. D.,

Reading, Mass. Rev. Milton S. Terry,

249 West 23d St., New York. Prof. B. B. Warfield, D. D., LL. D., Allegheny Sem., Allegheny, Pa.

At 3:05 P. M. the discussion began on Prof. Brown's paper, and was continued until 4:42, when, at the request of several members unable to be present at this hour, further discussion was adjourned until the evening

The next paper was then read by Prof. I. H. Hall, Ph. D., on the Syriac Apocalypse, occupying, with its discussion, until the hour of


The Society reassembled at 7:30 P. M. In the absence of the Presi. dent and Vice-President, the Rev. E. R. Craven, D. D., was chosen President pro tem.

At 7:45 P. M. the next paper was read by Prof. Willis J. Beecher, D. D., on 82 in Josh. xvii. 15, 18, and Ezek. xxi. 24; xxiii. 47, occupy. ing, with its discussion, until 8:20.

The last paper, by Prof. D. G. Lyon, Ph. D., on “Hand uplifting as a religious ceremony,” was read by the Secretary.

Dr. Craven being obliged to leave soon afterwards, Prof. E. C. Bissell was chosen President pro tem.

The discussion of Prof. Brown's paper was then resumed and continued until 9:40 P. M.

The rough minutes of the meeting were read, after which the Society adjourned.



Prof. Ezra Abbot, D.D., LL.D., 23 Berkeley St., Cambridge, Mass.
Very Rev. Dean Maurice Baldwin, Montreal, Canada.
Prof. W. G. Ballantine,

Oberlin Theol. Sem., Oberlin, Ohio.
President S. C. Bartlett, D. D., LL. D., Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H.
Prof. I. T. Beckwith, Ph. D., Hartford, Conn.
Prof. Willis J. Beecher, D. D., Auburn, New York.
Prof. John Binney,

Middletown, Conn.
Prof. Edwin C. Bissell, D. D., Hartford, Conn.
Prof. C. A. Briggs, D. D., Union Theol. Sem., New York.
Prof. Francis Brown,

Union Theol. Sem., New York.
Prof. J. H. Buttz, D. D., Madison, New Jersey.
President W. C. Cattell, D. D., Lafayette Coll., Easton, Penn.
Rev. T. W. Chambers, D. D., 70 West 36th St., New York.
President Thos. Chase, LL. D., Haverford Coll., Delaware Co., Penn.
Rev. Wm. Henry Cobb, Uxbridge, Mass.
Chanc'r Howard Crosby, D. D., LL. D., 116 19th St., New York.
Rev. Elijah R. Craven, D. D., Newark, New Jersey.
Prof. S. Ives Curtiss, D. D., 364 W. Washington St., Chicago, Ill.
Prof. Ed. L. Curtis,

Pres. Theol. Sem. of N. W., 1060 North

Halsted St., Chicago, Ill.

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