The Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations

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Antony Jay
Oxford University Press, 1997 - 515 pagini
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B'funny, striking, thought-provoking and incisive ... will appeal to those browsing through it as least as much as to those who wish to use it as a work of reference' Observer 'Completely captures the comic aspect of politics while still presenting some serious messages ... It is hard to stop browsing once you start' Daily Mail 'This reader devoured it from cover to cover, discovering ... some excellent and unfamiliar quotations ... it fills a serious gap.' Financial Times 'Marshalled with wit and meticulous attribution of sources' Guardian 'full of good one-liners' Sunday Telegraph This lively and illuminating dictionary presents a vintage crop of over 4,000 quotations reflecting every facet of political life. Examples range from the pivotal and momentous to the rhetorical, the sincere, the bemused, the tongue-in-cheek, and the downright rude, with memorable words from theold hands as well as from contemporary politicians. 'Politics is just like showbusiness, you have a hell of an opening, coast for a while and then have a hell of a close.' Ronald Reagan 'A big cat detained briefly in a poodle parlour, sharpening her claws on the velvet.' Matthew Parris of Lady Thatcher in the House of Lords

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The Oxford dictionary of political quotations

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Originally published in Great Britain and edited by British television writer and producer Jay, this book aims to present "a bank of political quotations which are part of the currency of political ... Citește recenzia completă

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Despre autor (1997)

From Panorama in 1956 to Annie's Bar in 1996, Antony Jay has spent 40 years travelling in the realms of government and politics as a television writer and producer. The journey has included the editorship of Tonight, writing the two royal television documentaries Royal Family and Elizabeth R,and many programmes with David Frost, including the twelve interviews with Harold Wilson in A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers. His insights into bureaucracy come from a year as a senior executive in BBC TV and two on a government committee, the Annan Committee on the Future of Broadcasting.However, he is best-known as co-author of Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.

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