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TABLE 81.-Immigration to the United States, 1820 to 1928, by years—Continued.

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Per cent from

TABLE 82.-Immigration to the United States from northern and western Europe, southern and eastern Europe, Asia, Canada, and Newfoundland, Mexico, West Indies, and other countries, by specified periods 1

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Northern Southern and and western? eastern?


Canada and Newfoundland 3


West Indies

Other countries 4





and Mex





West Indies



and Total


tries 4

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1 See headnote, Table 81.

Northern and western Europe comprises Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxemburg (in 1925, 1926, 1927 and 1928), Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and United Kingdom not specified. Southern and eastern Europe comprises the other countries on that continent. From 1820 to 1898 includes all British North American possessions.

Includes Central and South America, Africa, Australia, Pacific islands, and countries not specified.

TABLE 83.-Immigration to the United States during specified periods, 1820 to 1928, by countriei 1

[NOTE. Data for years prior to 1906 cover countries whence aliens came, and for years following, countries of last permanent residence. Owing to changes in the list of countries

separately reported and to changes in boundaries, data for certain countries are not comparable throughout]


1820-1830 1831-1840 1841-1850 1851-1860 1861-1870 1871-1880 1881-1890 1891-1900 1901-1910 1911-1920 1921-1928

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2 Countries added to the list since the beginning of the World War are heretofore included with the countries to which they belonged. 3 Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro prior to 1920.

United Kingdom not specified.

From 1820 to 1868 the figures for Norway and Sweden are combined.

7 No record of immigration from Japan until 1861.

From 1899 to 1919 Poland is included with Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia.

No record of immigration from Turkey in Asia until 1869.

From 1820 to 1898 included all British North American possessions.

10 Included with countries not specified prior to 1925.

"This includes 32,897 persons returning in 1906 to their homes in the United States. This year was the first in which aliens returning to the United States were recorded by country of last permanent residence instead of country whence they came, and since this year aliens reporting their residence as the United States have been shown in immigration statistics as nonimmigrants.

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