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Books published by William P. Nimmo.


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Just ready, in crown 8vo, with Steel Frontispiece and Vignette,

handsomely bound, cloth extra, price 5s. each ; also in full gilt
side, back, and edges, price 6s. each.

Seventh Thousand.
The English Circumnavigators: The most re-

markable_ Voyages round the World by English Sailors.
(Drake, Dampier, Anson, and. Cook's Voyages.) With a
Preliminary Sketch of their Lives and Discoveries. Edited,
with Notes, Maps, etc., by DAVID LAING PURVES and

The Book of Adventure and Peril. A Record of

Heroism and Endurance on Sea and Land. Compiled and
Edited by CHARLES BRUCE, Editor of 'Sea Songs and Ballads,'.

“The Birthday Book of Proverbs,' etc.
The Great Triumphs of Great Men, Edited by

JAMES MASON. Illustrated.
Great Historical Mutinies, comprising the Story

of the Mutiny of the 'Bounty,' the Mutiny at Spithead and
the Nore, the Mutinies of the Highland Regiments, and the

Indian Mutiny, etc. Edited by DAVID HERBERT, M.A.
Famous Historical Scenes from Three Centuries.

Pictures of celebrated events from the Reformation to the end
of the French Revolution. Selected from the works of Standard

Authors by A. R. HOPE MONCRIEFF.
The English Explorers; comprising details of the

more famous Travels by Mandeville, Bruce, Park, and Living

stone. With Map of Africa and Chapter on Arctic Exploration. The Book for Every Day; containing an In

exhaustible Store of Amusing and Instructive Articles. Edited

by JAMES MASON. The Book of Noble Englishwomen: Lives made

Illustrious by Heroism, Goodness, and Great Attainments.

A Hundred Wonders of the World in Nature and

Art, described according to the latest Authorities, and profusely
Illustrated. Edited by JOHN SMALL, M.A.
Other Popular and Standard Volumes in preparation.

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