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I ask you, Mr. President, to intervene on my behalf before the Congress of the United States and the United Nations, as well as the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., to hasten my and my family's immigration to the U.S. from the U.S.S.R.

My situation is such, that my father was brutally killed on Dec. 5,
1945 without a trial or investigation. Following his death, an accu-
sation of the following nature was fabricated: Nazarevich Anton, son
of Andre, was an active member of 0.U.N., was killed during a struggle
against the Soviet power and while attacking an employee of the N.K.V.D.
However, our repeated demands addressed to I.V. Stalin to have an au-
topsy performed, went unmet.

In 1947, during the month of December, at 4:00 a.m., having been all-
owed only 20 minutes for packing, we, with 6 young children and our
mother, were sent into exile to the Urals, in a freight train. Here,
we were doomed for death from hunger and cold, since we were placed
in abandoned barracks with no heating. It was due to the heroic courage
of my mother, that we were able to stay alive.

At 12 years of age, I began doing physical labor, beyond my strength,
but this actually was just the beginning of the humiliations which I
endured during 27 years of my labor service. Still then, in 1951, I
did not understand that a secret ban was imposed on my choice of a pro-
fession, and that I was forever deprived of my homeland and basic
human rights.

During my labor service, I persistently tried to achieve exoneration.
I was always told, that I am not responsible for my father's crimes,
nonetheless, why was I exiled at the age of 8, losing all of my inher-


To: The President of the United States of America

Mr. Jimmy Carter

From: A Citizen of the Ukranian S.S.R.
Nazarevich Feofan, son of Anton
Born 1939


In 1955, I was released, but with no right to return to y
homeland. I was also forbidden to choose a profession.

At present, the new constitution confirmed these flaws. On the basis of article #39, I am legally deprived of my homeland, and all rights stated in this constitution; the same applies to my children.

I had to change my convictions, and I became a Believer,
Pentecostal. But even here the authorities did not forget me.
In the form of an order they asked me to register. I refused to
register and in 1977, submitted an application for emigration
from the U.S.S.R. I was denied the permission, on the grounds
that I had no "vyzov".

It is of ill omen to continue residing in the U.S.S.R., according to article # 39 of the constitution.

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P.S.- My brother and his family have also expressed the desire to inmigrate with me:

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He was also denied permission to leave due to no "vyzov".

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2310 Windsor Road

Alexandria, Virginia 22307

May 15, 1979

Mr. Walter Hoving

Chairman of the Board

Tiffany & Co.

727 Fifth Avenue

New York, New York 10022

Dear Mr. Hoving:

Although we have never met, I have often heard my brother Frank praise your exceptional contributions to the Christian community. I understand Frank has already alerted you that I would be writing, and perhaps you will remember his letter on my behalf.

As you will see from the enclosed, I am trying to assist the Tolstoy Foundation in organizing a national campaign in support of Russian Christians, many of whom are suffering horrible persecution. The United States government is certainly aware of this problem, but it acts more embarrassed by it than genuinely concerned.

I know that you are a very busy man, but if our effort is to succeed, we badly need the leadership of individuals like yourself to inform the public and encourage it to get involved. Is there a chance you might have any interest or free time for such a challenge? If there is, and that would be fantastic, please contact Alla Ivask at your earliest convenience at the Tolstoy Foundation. Alla has been working on this problem for an extended period and she is extremely dedicated and wellinformed. Obviously I'd like to hear from you as well.

I also wanted to alert you to one additional possibility you might be receiving a call from George Otis, Jr. Perhaps you know his father, George, Sr., who is a retired businessman, a pilot, and a most respected and dynamic Christian who authored The Blueprint, hosted the television program "High Adventure," and who also works tirelessly on many other fronts. George, Jr. is training a contingent of volunteers to witness for Christ during the upcoming Moscow Olympics. I know that he would value the opportunity of speaking with someone with your wisdom and experience, and I can attest that he is in all ways honorable and responsible.

Thank you very much for anything you could do to help. would, of course, understand perfectly if you are already too heavily engaged to make any commitment.


Bully T. Flut

Bently T. Elliott


BENTLY T. ELLIOTT 2310 Windsor Road Alexandria, Virginia


May 15, 1979


Dear Friend:

For years, millions of Americans have worked together to relieve suffering and secure the emigration of an untold number of Russian Jews. And while that campaign has obviously not been a total success, and must be both sustained and intensified, it has produced results during 1979, a projected 50,000 Jewish dissidents will be permitted to leave the Soviet Union.


Yet for all the good work done on behalf of Russian Jews, no such campaign has ever been waged on behalf of Russian Christians. That is tragic, for their suffering has been equally great, and their needs remain equally desperate.

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Orthodox Christians, Baptists, Lutherans, Pentacostals and countless other Christians belonging to unregistered Russian churches face widespread persecution of the most horrid sort persecution that violates specific guarantees set down in the Russian Constitution, that mocks the spirit of the Helsinki Accords and that contradicts the very essence of a civilized society.

For Christians of conviction, simple but persistent public declarations of faith can provoke harsh retaliation -- public humiliation, followed by social ostracism and, in some cases, torture in the form of starvation diets, druggings, beatings and constant isolation inside concentration camps and so-called "psychiatric hospitals."

American authorities are aware of this problem. They know, for example, that some 20,000 Russian Christians have decided to risk the worst by sending their names to the Supreme Soviet, asking for permission to emigrate. But to date, the attitude of our government has been one of near silence, even passive acquiesence. Letters from Russian Christians to the White House pleading for help have not been answered. The State Department promised the Tolstoy Foundation to look into the problem in view of possibly taking official action. That promise has not materialized.

That leaves the American people. They can make a difference. Perhaps, only they can make a difference. What is urgently needed is a massive outpouring of public indignation from millions

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