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To: Alexandra Lvovna Tolstoy

From: Evangelical Pentecostals and Baptists in the Soviet Union

No. 2

Dear Alexandra Lvovna:

God Bless you to live for a very long time. Last year, we approached
you and your organization regarding a loan for our immigration to the
West. You answered our appeal and we heard your interview on the radio.
We thank you heartily for this. Our problem is not financial, the
authorities categorically refused us exit permits. Due to this, on
August 25, 1978, we renounced our citizenship. We are asking you to
influence the Soviet authorities, who signed laws on Human Rights,
but do not adhere to them.

For almost two years, we have been requesting to immigrate to the West, but have not been able to leave. You are also an immigrant, is it possible that you were also held in your time, as we are now? Please inform us how we can receive financial assistance from you and your Foundation in order to pay for the necessary processing of documents needed for emigrating.

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No. 3




To: Pentecostals and Baptists of the United States of America, Canada
Argentina, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Holland
Norway, Finland and Australia

From: Pentecostals and Baptists trying to emigrate from the U.S.S.R.

Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

You must be well aware of the fact that we are trying to leave our
atheistic country. Despite the fact that laws exist, we still have
not been able to emigrate.

We need your help, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. First, we
need your communities to understand that we need your help in try-
ing to emigrate, and secondly, we need some financial assistance for
our move. Of the thousands who have submitted their applications to
leave the country, only very few have the means to do that.

Our goal is to peacefully leave the U.S.S.R., burying the past and
all that we have endured. On August the 25th and September 30th, we
officially renounced our citizenship. We all have large families and
many small children. We are asking you to join us in our prayers...
We are Christians. We are awaiting your help in the name of Christ...
Basing ourselves on historical documents, such as the Statutes of the
U.N., the Declaration of Human Rights, which are recognized by your
countries as well as the U.S.S.R., we are approaching you for help...

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They will be arrested for attempting to enter the American Embassy, in
order to validate their American "vyzovs".

January 5, 1978

Victor Vasiliev, from Vilnius, Lithuanian S.S.R.,
and his family were evicted from their apartment.
They have no housing. They have been attempting to
emigrate from the U.S.S.R. for 2 years. They have
received a "vyzov" from the U.S., but the authori-
ties will not release the "vyzov" to them.

Since 1956, V.I. Gorelkin, from the city of Tan, Estonian S.S.R., a
presbyter of a Pentecostal community, has been attempting to immigrate
to Australia, where two of his sisters and one brother reside. Six of
his "vyzovs" have been refused. After submitting the seventh, the autho-
rities stated that if he will work with them, betraying the organizers of
the movement to emigrate, they will allow him to reunite with his family
in Australia. This statement was made on December 6, 1977. He has been
threatened since. More than likely, he will be eliminated in an automo-
bile accident.

Automobile accidents have been the most recent method of persecuting

Nikolai Petrovich Goretoi is under an extreme threat of persecution. He
is the presbyter of a Pentecostal community in Staro-Titorovsk, Region
of Krasnodarsk. He was sent 11 "vyzovs".Soviet authorities only released
one to him. He began the necessary process for emigration from the U.S.S.R.,
but after three months, the authorities refused him an exit permit.






Translation From Russian Original

Prepared by: Alla G. Ivask

Desiring to emigrate from the USSR, due to unbarable living conditions and

unceasing persecution, we approached the General Secretary of the Communist

Party, Brezhnev, as well as the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and the Soviet

of Ministers five times, however, to this date received no answer. The number

of persons who have submitted petitions for emigration at present total 3,000,

of which approximately 2,000 are adults and the remainder children.

The government of this country has not suceeded to any of our requests on this

matter, despite the fact that we have been awaiting permission to leave the USSR

since February of this year. Some of us have been petitioning to emigrate for 6,

10, up to 15 years, but have gone nowhere., The "vyzovs" which were sent to us from

abroad, in the past, were torn up by OVIR.

Some of us recently received "vyzová"

from thr U.S., but it is far from the total "vyzovs" which we know were sent. Christiar

living in Krasnodarsk and in the Northern Caucasus as well as other provinces have

not received a single "vyzov" although they have been sent. Only one "vyzov" arrived


to the Transcaucasus, the city of Batumi, even though close to 100 persons

are awaiting permission to leave. We know that those who have received

invitations will not leave too soon, if at all, and they are fully aware of

what type of procedures and sifting they must experience, whatever the outcome.

Since all 3,000 of us are expressing the desire to leave the USSR for religious

reasons, and not as family reunion cases, we ask you, the government of the

USSR to give us permission to exit, without "vyzovs", after all we are not

slaves or serfs, or prisoners. We ask that this matter be discussed at the

Belgrade conference, so that by the October session of this conference, the

Soviet authorities would give us permission to leave prior to the beginning

of the session. We have large families, and would like to leave before the

winter months begin.

Aside from this we are begging you to put the Soviet Government to shame, for

they are demanding from each person, who is emigrating from the Soviet Union,

500 rubles for turning in their passports. We declare this practice by the govern

ment to be unjust. In addition, we have paid for our citizenship and our slavery

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