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Bath, O&. 30th, 1765. To those who love the Lord Jesus Christ in,

and about Madeley: Peace be multiplied to you from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, through the operations of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BY the help of divine provi,

dence, and the afliftance of your prayers, I came fafe here. I was, and am still

, a good deal weighed down under the sense my own insufficiency to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ to poor, dying fouls.

This place is the seat of Satan's gaudy throne: the Lord hath, nevertheless, a few names here, who are not ashamed of him, and of whom he is not alhamed, both among the poor and among the rich. There are not many of the last, though blessed be God for any one: it is a great miracle if one camel passes through the eye of a needle, or, in other words, if one rich person enters into the kingdom of heaven. I thank God, none of you are rich in the things of this world. You are freed from a double snare, even from Dives's portion in this life. May you know the happiness attending your state. It is a mercy to be driven

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my foolish.

to the throne of grace, even by bodily want, and to live in dependance on divine mercy for a morfel of bread.

I have been sowing the feed the Lord hath given me both in Bath and Bristol, and I hope your prayers have not been loft upon me as a minister; for though I have not been enabled to discharge my office, as I would, the Lord hath yet, in some meafure, stood by me, and over-ruled ness and helpleslness. I am much supported by the thought that you bear me on your hearts, and when you come to the throne of grace to ask a blessing for me in the name of Jesus, the Lord doth in no wise cast you out.

In regard to the state of my foul, I find, blessed be God, that as my day is, so is my strength to travel on, either through good or bad report. My absence from you answers two good ends to me :-I feel more my insufficiency, and the need of being daily ordained by Christ to preach his gospel; and I shall value the more my privileges among you, please God I return safely to you. I had yesterday a most advantageous offer made me of going, free cost, to visit my mother, brothers, and fifters in the flesh, whom I have not seen for eighteen years; but I find my relations in the spirit are nearer and dearer to me, than my rela. tions in the fleih. I have, therefore, rejected the kind offer, that I may return among you, and be coinforted by the mutual faith both of you and

I hope, dear brethren, you improve much under the ministry of that fúithful servant of God, Mr. Brown, whom Providence blesses you with. Make hafte to gather the honey of knowledge and



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