The Evolution of the Art of Music

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D. Appleton, 1906 - 342 pagini
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Pagina 218 - My idea was that the overture ought to indicate the subject and prepare the spectators for the character of the piece they are about to see; that the instruments ought to be introduced in proportion to the degree of interest and passion in the words...
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Pagina 7 - The rhythmic music is then defined only by the pulses, and has no change of pitch ; while purely melodic music has change of pitch, but no definition or regularity of impulse. The latter is frequently met with among savage races, and even as near the homes of highest art as the outof-the-way corners of the British Isles. Pure, unalloyed rhythmic music is found in most parts of the uncivilised globe; and the degree of excitement to which it can give rise, when the mere beating of a drum or tom-tom...
Pagina 244 - Parisian one into the shade in every respect. The general quality of the musical thoughts is finer, richer, and more interesting; while the purely orchestral effects, especially in the slow movement, are among the most successful things of the kind he ever achieved. And finally the three great symphonies which he wrote in Vienna in 1788 represent the highest level in idea and style and in every distinguished quality of art he ever attained to. They are the crown of his life's work; for in them he...

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