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It has been the privilege of the one arranging these services to address several hundred meetings for boys in various parts of the country. The lack of an objective, carelessness in the selection of hymns, unpreparedness of the leader, restlessness of the audience and the general unsympathetic atmosphere of many meetings, has impressed upon him the need of a collection of services, which, through a combination of music, responses and prayer, would create a devotional atmosphere, win the approval of the boys and help make the address effective. Such services have been introduced by him at various meetings, conferences and camps with remarkable success. It was also discovered that boys really preferred to sing the virile hymns of the Christian Church to the so-called popular type of songs and hymns.

The early training of the compiler, as a church organist and choir master, has led him to permit the use of only such hymns as would give character to the service and inspire the participant to right living.

Acknowledgment is hereby made to those who have granted the use of copyrighted hymns and tunes.

It is hoped that this collection of services may find its way into Preparatory Schools, Summer Camps, Boys' Departments in Sunday Schools, Young Men's Christian Associations and into services of the church where boys and young men are active participants, and that it may be of real help in the religious education of boys and young men.

Boston, Mass., May 1, 1914.

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