Travels in Switzerland: In a Series of Letters to William Melmoth, Esq, Volumul 3

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T. Cadell, 1789

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Pagina 250 - ... by public authority. The religion of the Grifons is divided into Catholic and Reformed, the only two perfuafions which are tolerated in this country. By the reformed is meant what we call Calvinifm, although it is not the fame as was eftablifhed at Geneva. For, as the reformation was introduced into this country by the difciples of Zuingle, the religion of the Proteftant Grifons bears a greater refemblance to that fettled at Zuric, than to the church of Geneva ; although the difference between...
Pagina 24 - Before they colledk the grafs, either for their food, or for their winter habitations, they form themfelves into a circle, fitting on their hind legs, and reconnoitre on all fides. On the leaft alarm, the firft gives inftantly a ihrill cry, which is communicated from one to the other, and they efcape without repeating the noife. The chaffeurs, by imitating thefe fucceflive whiftlings, approach fo near as to come within fliot of them.
Pagina 25 - In the fummer dwellings is found dung in great abundance, but no hay: on the contrary, the winter habitations never contain any dung, but much hay. Near the latter is perceived a more confiderable quantity of earth, which annually increafes according to the fize of the dwelling, and the augmentation of the family. In the formation of their dwellings they fcoop out the earth with great dexterity and expedition : a fmall part they throw away, and by beating the remainder clofe, render the paflage very...
Pagina 6 - ... from whence, after the force of its current is a little restrained, it falls into the Larian lake. The nature of this spring is extremely surprising ; it ebbs and flows regularly three times a day. The increase and decrease is plainly visible and very amusing to observers.
Pagina 26 - ... carefully clofe the entrance fo as to exclude all air, with a cement of earth mixed with ftoneS and hay. On opening this chamber three weeks after it is clofed, the marmots are difcovered lying on the hay clofe to each other, and rolled up like hedgehogs, without the leaft appearance G of of life.
Pagina 247 - ... by corporal penalties. Thus it is not uncommon, in thofe communities where fines are divided among the judges, to torture women of loofe conduct, for the purpofe of compelling them to confefs with whom they have been connected ; for as fuch offences * are punifhable by fines, the more perfons are convicted, the larger fhare of money is diftributed among the judges, for the trouble of
Pagina 248 - ... ferve any other end than to enlarge the fphere of corruption ; Coire and a few other places are excepted from this general reflection. This defcription comprehends the courfe of...
Pagina 253 - Latin was folely ufed, as well in the debates of the fynod as for the purpofe of examining the candidates ; but at prefent that tongue grows more and more into difufe, and German is employed in its ftead.
Pagina 246 - It is remarkable, that torture is more fr cquently applied, and for fmaller delinquencies, in thefe independent republics, than in the fubjea provinces. The infliction of it depends entirely upon the arbitrary will of the judges, a majority of whom may order it for an offence which is not capital, nor even punimablc by corporal penalties.
Pagina 22 - Ё marmot is extremely common in the mountains of Switzerland, and particularly in this part of the Grifons ; and, as many erroneous accounts of this fagacious little animal have been given, I fhall fend you the following extrait, feleéled from a defcription written in the German tongue, by Dr.

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