The Search for Good Sense: Four Eighteenth-Century Characters: Johnson, Chesterfield, Boswell and Goldsmith

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Bloomsbury Academic, 19 nov. 2015 - 384 pagini
Best known for his guide on writing and recognizing good prose, Style (1955), F.L. Lucas addresses four of the most popular 18th-century English poets and writers in this book: Samuel Johnson, Lord Chesterfield, James Boswell and Oliver Goldsmith. Knowledgeably, conversationally, and often amusing, he sketches the images of men who greatly influenced 18th century England and its literary landscape.

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Despre autor (2015)

F. L. Lucas, OBE was an English classical scholar, literary critic, poet, novelist, playwright, political polemicist and Fellow at King's College, University of Cambridge, UK.

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