Furniture Manufacturer and Artisan, Volumul 7

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Pagina 63 - They cannot gratify the pleasures of the palate beyond very moderate bounds, since they cannot purchase a good digestion; they cannot lavish very much money on fine raiment for themselves or their families without suffering from public ridicule; and in their homes they cannot go much beyond the comforts of the less wealthy without involving them in more pain than pleasure. As I study wealthy men, I can see but one way in which they can secure a real equivalent for money spent, and that is to cultivate...
Pagina 113 - To know every detail, to gain an insight into every secret, to learn every method, to secure every kind of skill, are the prime necessities of success in any art, craft, or trade. No time is too long, no study too hard, no discipline too severe for the attainment of complete familiarity with one's work and complete ease and skill in the doing of it. As a man values his working life, he must be willing to pay the highest price of success in it, — the price which severe training exacts.
Pagina 258 - Resolved: That we commend the utterance of President Wilson, at Philadelphia, on October 29, 1912. when in defining his policy he said: ''Safeguard American men against unfair competition, and they will take care of themselves. * * If you make the processes by which small men are undersold in particular markets, criminal; if you penalize in the same way those discriminations by which retail dealers are punished, if they deal in the goods of anybody except the big manufacturers; if you see to it that...
Pagina 66 - The underlying, essential element of success in business affairs is to follow the established laws of high-class dealing. Keep to broad and sure lines, and study them to be certain that they are correct ones. Watch the natural operations of trade, and keep within them. Don't even think of temporary or sharp advantages. Don't waste your effort on a thing which ends in a petty triumph unless you are satisfied with a life of petty success. Be sure that before you go into an enterprise you see your way...
Pagina 75 - I had another commotion, and wrote a long letter; but life had rubbed a little sense into me, and I kept that letter in my pocket against the day when I could look it over without agitation, and without tears. I was glad I did. Less and less it seemed necessary to send it. I was not...
Pagina 272 - But it must be a cardinal principle in dealing with honestly built and wisely. managed railways that the investor, the shareholder, is just as much entitled to protection as is the wage-worker, the shipper, or the representatives of the general public. Unless the investor finds that he is to get a fair return on his money, he will not invest, and in such case not only will no new railways be built but existing railways will not be able to repair the waste, the wear and tear...
Pagina 191 - He acts upon the principle that if a thing is worth doing at all it is worth doing well : — and the thing that he " does" especially well is the public.
Pagina 75 - Keep Still WHEN trouble is brewing, keep still. When slander is getting on its legs, keep still. When your feelings are hurt, keep still — till you recover from your excitement, at any rate. Things look differently to an unagitated eye.
Pagina 63 - The mere expenditure of money for things, so I am told by those who profess to know, soon palls upon one. The novelty of being able to purchase anything one wants soon passes, because what people most seek cannot be bought with money. These rich men we read about in the newspapers cannot get personal returns beyond a well-defined limit for their expenditure. They cannot gratify the pleasures of the palate beyond very moderate bounds, since they cannot purchase a good digestion; they cannot lavish...
Pagina 267 - And he built the walls of the house within with boards of cedar, both the floor of the house, and the walls of the ceiling: and he covered them on the inside with wood, and covered the floor of the house with planks of fir.

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