Guide to Materials for American History in Russian Archives, Ediția 239,Volumul 1

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Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1917 - 4 pagini

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Pagina iv - If this great work is well done there must be the fullest cooperation on the part of the States interested in it. It is entirely unnecessary to dwell upon the value and importance of foreign archives in a conference like this, and I shall therefore...
Pagina 38 - Va. ; the commercial and agricultural citizens of Maine — recently admitted as a state ; a convention of delegates representing the merchants and others interested in commerce, assembled at Philadelphia ; the citizens of Charleston, SC ; the Delegates of the United Agricultural, Societies of Virginia, in a (1) Messrs.
Pagina 44 - Ap'il last, the accompanying report f from the Secretary of State. ANDREW JOHNSON. WASHINGTON, DC, May 8, 1868. To the House of Representatives: I transmit herewith reports from the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of the Navy, prepared in compliance with a resolution * Constitutions of South Carolina and Arkansas. of the House of Representatives of the 12th of December last requesting information respecting the sale of public vessels since the close of the rebellion. No report upon the...
Pagina 4 - From •that time until the end of his life he was never out of debt.
Pagina iv - States which are to be found in foreign archives. In developing this systematic endeavor, the first step in the natural order, if one wishes to serve the interests of as large a number of historical scholars and societies as possible, is to make a general examination of each important foreign archive, and to present...
Pagina 88 - Project of a Convention for regulating the principles of commercial and maritime neutrality.
Pagina 107 - ... of Spain was complete, and without equivocation he gave orders that she should be advised to accept the proposal as made by Colombia and sponsored by the United States. This advice was embodied in a note sent to d'Oubril August 4, 1826, which ordered him to assure the Spanish cabinet that a truce " seems to the Emperor much to be desired and for the good of Spain.
Pagina 53 - Sept. 5. No. 2762. Polish colony in America under the presidency of Michel Skibikui ; get information on the subject.
Pagina 76 - Americans say that this is the time for Russia to seize both banks of the Amur River and to open commerce with the United States.
Pagina 16 - Memoir on the relations of the North American states with Russia in the time of Empress Catherine II, 1784 (a FO •precis summarizing Dana's mission) : Archive of the State (formerly) Petrograd, XV, no.