Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations, Părțile 1-3

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953
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Pagina 116 - Agriculture, the general design and duties of which shall be to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.
Pagina 374 - Agriculture to furnish forms, as far as practicable, for the tabulation of results of investigation or experiments ; to indicate, from time to time, such lines of inquiry as to him shall seem most important ; and, in general, to furnish such advice and assistance as will best promote the purposes of this act.
Pagina 367 - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine. Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina. North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah.
Pagina 640 - Dairying shall be appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture, who shall be subject to the general direction of the Secretary of Agriculture. He shall devote his time to the investigation of the dairy industry, and the dissemination of information for the promotion of the dairy industry.
Pagina 116 - Bureaus of Markets and Crop Estimates and the Office of Farm Management and Farm Economics. The duties and responsibilities of this Bureau have been modified from time to time by law and by Secretary's directives. As now constituted, the Bureau of Agricultural Economics is the chief economic research and statistical agency of the Department of Agriculture.
Pagina 352 - It is further declared to be the policy of Congress to promote through research, study, experimentation, and through cooperation among Federal and State agencies, farm organizations, and private industry a scientific approach to the problems of marketing, transportation, and distribution of agricultural products similar to the scientific methods which have been utilized so successfully during the past eighty-four years in connection with the production of agricultural products so that such products...
Pagina 510 - Federal meat inspection laws to assure production of disease-free, clean, and wholesome meat and meat products for both civilian and military use and for foreign commerce. This is accomplished by supervising slaughtering and meat processing operations at meat packing plants, application of controls over imported meats to assure the same protection as in the case of meats produced domestically, and supervision of a system of certifying meats for export to keep foreign markets open to American meats.
Pagina 9 - And here, and now, without any "ifs" or "buts," I say to you that I stand behind— and the Republican Party stands behind— the price support laws now on the books. This includes the amendment to the basic farm Act, passed by votes of both parties in Congress, to continue through 1954 the price supports on basic commodities at 90 per cent of parity.
Pagina 436 - ... (b) The Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized and directed to make scientific, technologic, and economic investigations of the feasibility of developing domestic sources of supplies of any agricultural material or for using agricultural commodities for the manufacture of any material determined pursuant to section 2 of this Act to be strategic and critical or substitutes therefor.
Pagina 725 - Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior), and of state and regional land use planning agencies have appeared before the Committee and discussed this topic.

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