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Love's Young Dream

Thomas Moore 46

Love is Enough

Ella Wheeler 46

The Cotter's Saturday Night Robert Burns 17 W If Thou Wert by My Side Reginald Heber 47

Make Home-Life Beautiful B. G. Northrup 23 Pain of Love

Henry Constable 47

Songs of Seven

Jean Ingelov 24 Bonnie Mary

Robert Burns 48

The Old Oaken Bucket Samuel Woodworth 28

Sweet Hand

Anonymous 48

Graves of a Household Felicia D. Hemans 29

Three Kisses

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 49

Childhood Home B. P. Shillaber (Mrs. Partington) 30 To an Absent Wife

George D. Prentice 49

Rain on the Roof

Coates Kinney 30 The Flower o' Dumblane Robert Tannahill 49

Bairnies, Cuddle Doon Alexander Anderson 31

Come into the Garden, Maud Alfred Tennyson 50

Old Folks at Home Stephen Collins Foster 31

To Althea, from Prison

Richard Lovelace 50

Home, Sweet Home

John Howard Payne 31 A Woman's Question Adelaide Anne Proctor 52

My Old Kentucky Home · Stephen Collins Foster 32 Doris

Arthur J. Munby 52

Be Kind

Anonymous 32

Sad are They Who Know not Love T. B. Aldrich 53

Mothers, Spare Yourselves .

Anonymous 32 O Swallow, Flying South Alfred Tennyson 53

In a Strange Land

James Thomas Fields 33

She was a Phantom of Delight Wm. Wordsworth 53

The Patter of Little Feet

Anonymous 33 Margaret

Walter Savage Landor 53

Catching Shadows

E. Hannaford 34

The Milking Maid Christina Georgina Rosetti 54

A Cradle Hymn

Isaac Watts 34 Under the Blue

Francis F. Browne 55

Joys of Home

Sir John Bowring 35 Kiss Me Softly

John Godfrey Saxe 55

John Anderson, My Jo

Robert Burns 36


Richard Henry Stoddard 56

Christmas Stockings

Benjamin F. Taylor 36 A Bird at Sunset

Robert Bulwer Lytton 56


Oscar Wilde 56


Bird of Passage

Edgar Fawcett 57

I Fear Thy Kisses

Percy Bysshe Shelley 57

On the Doorstep Edmund Clarence Stedman 37 When the Kye Comes Hame James Hogg 57

The Departure

Alfred Tennyson 38 The Patriot's Bride Sir Charles Gavan Duffy 58

First Love

Lord Byron 38 Janette's Hair

Charles Graham Halpine 58

No Time like the Old Time

Anonymous 39


John B. L. Soule 59

Mary Morison

Robert Burns 39 Sweet and Low

Alfred Tennyson 59

Early Love

Samuel Daniel 40 The Brookside R. Monckton Milnes( Lord Houghton) 60


Richard Alison 40 The Old Story Elizabeth A. Allen (Florence Percy) 60

How Do I Love Thee Elizabeth Barrett Browning 40 Evening Song

Sidney Lanier 60


Anonymous 41 A Parting

Michael Drayton 61

Her Likeness

Dinah Maria Mulock Craik 41 A Mother's Love

Samuel Rogers 61

Ae Fond Kiss before We Part Robert Burns 41 I do Confess Thou’rt Sweet Sir Robert Ayton 61

My True Love Hath my lleart Philip Sidney 42 The Passionate Shepherd Christopher Marlowe 62

Love's Philosophy

Percy Bysshe Shelley 42 The Nymph's Reply

Sir Walter Raleigh 62

Good Bye

Thomas Moore 42 Love is a Sickness

Samuel Daniel 62

How Many Times

Thomas Lovell Beildoes 43 Freedom in Dress

Ben Jonson 62


Robert Burns 43 Phillis the Fair

Nicholas Breton 63

Coming through the Rye

Robert Burns 43 You and I

W. H. Burleigh 63

Comin' through the Rye Adapted from Burns 43 0, Saw Ye the Lass

Richard Ryan 64

Hark! Hark! the Lark

Wm. Shakespeare 43

We Parted in Silence

Julia Crawford 64

O Fairest of the Rural Maids Wm. Cullen Bryant 44 Come to Me, Dearest

Joseph Brennan 64

Rock Me to Sleep Elzi. A. Allen ( Florence Percy) 44 Absence

William Shakespeare 65

Pack Clouds Away

Thomas Heywood 45 Why so Pale and Wan

Sir John Suckling 65

Linger zot Long

Anonymous 45 Don't be Sorrowful, Darling Rembrandt Peale 65


Gerald Griffin 46 Julia

Robert Herrick 6.7

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The Dying Stag

Giles Fletcher 112

Night .

Edward Everett 112

To Seneca Lake

James Gates Percival 113

A Woodnote

Howitt 114

Lambs at Play

Robert Bloomfield 115

The Hare

William Somerville 116

To a Sky-Lark

Percy Bysshe Shelley 116

To a Wild Deer John Wilson (Christopher North) 118

The Heath

Charlotte Smith 119

The Swallow

Charlotte Smih 120

The Sierras

Joaquin Miller 121

Snow-Flakes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 121

The Dog and the Water-Lily William Cowper 122

Planting the Apple-Tree William Cullen Bryant 123

The Daisy

James Montgomery 124

The Robin

Harrison Weir 126

Spring and Winter

William Shakespeare 128


William Cullen Bryant 128

To a Young Ass Samuel Taylor Coleridge 129

The First Day of Spring William G. Simms 130

Day is Dying Mrs. Lewes Cross (George Eliot) 131

Song of the Brook

Alfred Tennyson 131

Hail, Holy Light

John Milton 132


Thomas Gray 133

A Winter Morning

William Cowper 134

Wintry Weather

David Gray 135


John Wolcott (Peter Pindar) 136

The Early Primrose Henry Kirke White 136

Loves of the Plants

Erasmus Darwin 137

The Angler

Anonymous 137

To a Nightingale

William Drummond 137

The Tiger

William Blake 138

The Eagle

Alfred Tennyson 139

A Summer Morn

James Beattie 110

Sunset at Norham Castle Sir Walter Scott 111

To the Dandelion

James Russell Lowell 112

Hymn to the Flowers

Horace Smith 1-12

Solace in Nature

William Wordsworth 113


James Russell Lowell 144

To a Mountain Daisy

Robert Burns 113

The Angler's Wish

Izaak Walton 116

The Broom

Mary Houilt 117

Ode to Leven Water Tobias George Smollet 117

A Spring Day

Robert Bloomfield 18

The Little Beach-Bird Richard Henry Dana 148

The Aged Oak at Oakley

Henry Alford 119

The Pheasant

Anonymous 150

The Thrush

Anonymous 1.50


Ralph Hoyt 150

The O‘Lincoln Family

Wilson Flagg 151

Solitude of the Sea

Lord Byron 151

Summer Drought

J. P. Irvine 152

The Rhine

Lord Byron 153

To a Mountain Oak George IIenry Boker 154

Forest Pictures

Paul Hamilton Hayne 155


John Milton 156

Under the Leaves

Albert Laighton 158


William Couper 115


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The Farmer's Boy

Robert Bloomfield 204

Farmyard Song John Townsend Trowbridge 205
Harvest Song

Eliza Cook 206
The Farmer's Wife

Paul Hamilton Hayne 206
The Pumpkin John Greenleaf Whittier 207
Robert of Lincoln William Cullen Bryant 208
On the Banks of the Tennessee W. D. Gallagher 209
Summer Longings Denis Florence Mac Carthy 210
Farm Life

Anonymous 210
Summer Woods William Henry Burleigh 211
The Village Boy

Clarke 212

The Barefoot Boy John Greenleaf Whittier 212

The Country Life . Richard Henry Stoddard 214

Happy the Man Whose Wish and Care Ales. Pope 215

Contentment with Nature

James Beattie 215

Nightfall: a Picture

Alfred B. Street 217
The House on the Hill

Eugene J. Hall 218

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