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from the Canal Zone or any insular possession, sec

tion 1, act of February, 1917. (3) Alien seamen regularly admitted as provided in the


(1) Children under sixteen (16) years of age accom

panying either father or mother. (2) Aliens entering United States after an uninterrupted

residence of at least one year immediately preceding such entrance in Canada, Newfoundland, Cuba, or

Mexico for a temporary stay. (3) Admissible residents or citizens of any possession of

the United States. (4) Aliens in transit through the United States. (5) Aliens lawfully admitted to the United States who

later go in transit from one part of the United States

to another through foreign contiguous territory. (6) Accredited officials of foreign Governments,

their suites, families, and guests. Section 3, act of February, 1917.


DEPORTATION OF ALIENS. Sections 18, 19, and 34, act of February, 1917, also act of May 10, 1920; act of October 16, 1918, as amended by act of June 5, 1920, and act of May 26, 1922 W. C. a. Deportation within five years of entry. Section 19, act of

February, 1917. b. Deportation within three years of entry. c. Deportation irrespective of time of entry, Section 19, act

of February, 1917. d. Immediate deportation of aliens. Section 18, act of Fe

bruary, 1917. e. Immediate deportation suspended, when. f. Destination of deported alien. g. Expenses of deportation, how paid. h. Personal attendant for deported helpless alien. Section 20,

act of February, 1917. i. Applicable to alien from insular possessions. j. Burden of proof on accused. k. Decision final.

1. Effect of pardon.
m. Recommendations of court prevail.
of February, 1917.
(1) At any time within five years after entry any

alien falling within classes enumerated below
shall on warrant of Secretary of Labor be taken
into custody and deported.
a. Classes affected.
1. Aliens at time of entry member of one

or more of classes excluded by law.


2. Aliens having entered or found in

United States in violation of Act or

law of United States. b. DEPORTATION WITHIN THREE YEARS OF ENTRY. Section 19 and 34, act of February, 1917– (1) Aliens entering United States by water at time

or place other than as designated by immigration officials or by land at any place other than one designated as port of entry for alien by the Commissioner General of Immigration or at any time not designated by immigration officials, or who enter without inspection shall at any time within three years after entry upon warrant of Secretary of Labor be taken into cu

stody and deported. Section 19. (2) Any alien seamen landing in a port of the

United States contrary to the provisions of the act shall be deemed unlawfully in the United States and shall, at any time within three years thereafter, upon warrant of Secretary of Labor, be taken into custody, brought before a board of special inquiry and if not admitted, said alien seaman shall be deported as provided in section 20 of the act at the expense of the apappropriation. Section 34, act of February,

1917. c. DEPORTATION IRRESPECTIVE OF TIME OF ENTRY. Section 19, act of February, 1917. (1) Alien after entering found advocating or teach

ing unlawful destruction of property; advocating or teaching anarchy or overthrow by force or violence of Government of United States or all form of law, or assassination of public of

ficials. (2) Alien hereafter sentenced more than once to a

term of imprisonment of one year or more by conviction in this country of crime involving

moral turpitude committed any time after entry. (3) Alien becoming public charge within five years

after entry from causes not affirmatively shown

to have arisen subsequent to landing. (4) Alien hereafter sentenced to imprisonment

for one year or more upon conviction in this country of crime involving moral turpitude com

mitted within five years after entry. (5) Alien found an inmate of or connected with

house of prostitution or practicing prostitution

after entering United States. (6) Alien receiving share in or deriving benefits

from earnings of prostitute.

(7) Alien managing or employed by or in connection

with house of prostitution, music or dance hall, or place of amusement or resort habitually fre quented by prostitutes or where prostitutes gather; or who assist prostitute or promise to

protect from arrest any prostitute. (8) Alien importing or attempting to import

persons for purpose of prostitution or
(9) Alien after being excluded and deported or ar-

rested and deported as prostitute or procurer or
as having been connected with house of prostitu-
tion or other immoral purposes returning to and
entering United States.
a. Marriage of females no bar to deportation.
1. Marriage to American citizens of fe-

males of the sexually immoral class
exclusion or deportation of which is
prescribed by the act shall not in-
vest in such female United States ci-
tizenship if marriage is solemnized
after her arrest or after commission
of act making her liable to deporta-

tion. (10) Alien convicted and imprisoned for violation

section 4 of act. See C, subdivision la. (11) Alien convicted or admitting the commission

prior to entry of felony or other crime or mis

demeanor involving moral turpitude. (12) Undesirables as defined by act of May 10, 1920. (13) Anarchists, as defined by act of October 16,

1918, as amended by act of June 5, 1920. See A,

subdivision li. (14) Alien convicted for violation of subdivision C

section 2, act of May 26, 1922, by importing or bringing narcotic drugs into United States after

termination of imprisonment. d. IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION OF ALIENS. Section 18, act of Fe bruary, 1917. (1) Aliens brought to this country in violation of

law shall be immediately sent back.
a. By same vessel.
1. In accommodations of the same class

in which they arrived, to the country
whence they came on the vessel
bringing them, unless in the opinion
of Secretary of Labor immediate de-

portation not practicable or proper. b. By other vessel. 1. When vessel by which alien ordered

deported came has left United States and it is impracticable for any reason to deport alien within reasonable time by another vessel owned by same interests, the cost of deportation may be paid by Government and recovered by civil suit from

owner of vessel. c. Expenses, how paid. i. Cost of maintenance while on land, as

well as expense of the return of such aliens, shall be borne by owner of

vessel on which they came. (2) Alien accompanying a rejected alien who is cer

tified by examining medical officer to be help less from sickness, mental or physical disability, or infancy may also be excluded when his pro tection or guardianship is required by such ra jected alien, and the owner of the vessel in which rejected alien and accompanying alien are brought must return them in same manner as other rejected aliens. Section 18, act of Fe

bruary, 1917.

(1) Witnesses.
a. Commissioner General of Immigration,

with approval of Secretary of Labor may
suspend deportation of aliens found to
have come in violation of the act when
testimony of alien is necessary in behalf
of the United States in prosecution of of-
fenders against this act or other laws of
the United States.
1. Release under bond.
a. Alien may be released under

bond, the penalty not less
than $500, with security ap-
proved by Secretary of Labor,
conditioned alien shall be pro-
duced when required as a

witness and for deportation. 2. Cost of maintenance, how paid. a. Cost of maintenance of person

detained resulting from suspension of deportation and witness fee of one dollar ($1) per day for each day detained may be paid from appro priation for the enforcement

of this act. (2) Insane aliens. Section 18, act of February, 1917.

a. Upon certificate of examining medical of

ficer that health or safety of insane alien

would be unduly imperiled by immediate deportation alien may at expense of appropriation, be held for treatment till

such time as he may be safely deported. (3) Diseased aliens. Section 18, act of February,

a. Aliens certified to be suffering from tu-

berculosis or from loathsome or danger-
ous contagious diseases other than one of
quarantinable nature shall not be per-
mitted to land for medical treatment in
any hospital of the United States unless
Secretary of Labor is satisfied that
1. To refuse treatment would be in-

humane, or,
2. Cause unusual hardship or suffer-

ing, in which case alien shall be treated in hospital under supervision of immigration officials expense of vessel transporting

him. (4) Diseased alien seamen. Section 35, act of Fe

bruary, 1917, and act of December 26, 1920.
a. When seamen found on arrival in ports of

United States afflicted with idiocy, im-
becility, insanity, epilepsy, tuberculosis
in any form, or loathsome or dangerous
contagious disease shall be placed in ho-
spital designated by immigration official
in charge of port of arrival and treated,
all expenses, including burial in event of
death, to be borne by owner, etc., of ves-

sel. b. Alien seaman suspected of being afflicted

with disease mentioned in (a) may be removed from vessel to immigration station or other place for such observation as will enable examining surgeon definitely to determine whether afflicted and

expense to be borne by owner of vessel. c. When it appears to immigration official in

charge that cure can not be affected shall be enforced on or at expense of vessel on which he came, upon conditions prescribed by Commissioner General of Immigration to insure proper care and protection of alien and prevent spread of

contagion. (5) Diseased family of naturalized or resident alien. Section 22, act of February, 1917.

a. Whenever naturalized alien or alien hav

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