Selected Writings of Richard McKeon: Volume One: Philosophy, Science, and Culture

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University of Chicago Press, 28 mar. 1998 - 522 pagini
Richard McKeon enjoys an enviable reputation as an erudite historian of ideas and exegete of philosophic texts. However, the originality and scope of his achievement as a systematic philosopher are less widely known. In this ambitious three-volume edition, of which Philosophy, Science, and Culture is the first, a selection of McKeon's writings will be collected to showcase his distinctive approach to the analysis of discourse. Volume I covers philosophic theory through his writings on first philosophy (metaphysics) and the methods and principles of the sciences, Volume II examines philosophic arts through his writings on aesthetics and forms of discourse as a whole, and Volume III looks at philosophic practice through his writings on world community and the relations of cultures.

Philosophy, Science, and Culture covers topics that range from philosophic semantics to the processes of the sciences to the forms of human rights. This collection makes McKeon's mission as a philosopher unmistakable. He characterized himself as a philosophic pluralist; he was an American philosopher in the tradition of the pragmatists, one whose philosophy subtly resonates with C. S. Peirce and John Dewey. McKeon also explored the themes of deconstructionism and other late-twentieth-century philosophies decades before their popular emergence—but, in generating a matrix of possibilities for productive debate, he avoided both relativism and the entrapments of dogmatism.

An important collection of his writings, this series will establish Richard McKeon as one of the foremost philosophers of the twentieth century.

Richard McKeon (1900-1985) taught philosophy at the University of Chicago from 1935 to 1973, and at the time of his death had published eleven books and 158 articles on an extraordinary array of topics and cultures. Among his many national and international distinctions, he was awarded the highest honor of the American Philosophical Association when he was invited to give the Paul Carus Lectures in New York in 1965.

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Selected writings of Richard McKeon

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McKeon will eventually be regarded as one of the giants of 20th-century American philosophy. A pioneering theorist of the history of philosophy and its relations with science, he brought medieval ... Citiți recenzia completă


General Introduction by Zahava K McKeon
Philosophy as a Humanism
A Philosopher Meditates on Discovery
Scientific and Philosophic Revolutions
Process and Function
Philosophy and Theology History and Science in the Thought of Bonaventura and Thomas Aquinas
Rhetoric and Poetic in the Philosophy of Aristotle
Philosophy and the Development of Scientific Methods
Democracy Scientific Method and Action
Communication Truth and Society
Philosophy and Action
Fact and Value in the Philosophy of Culture
Facts Values and Actions
Philosophy and History in the Development of Human Rights
Philosophy as an Agent of Civilization
Name and Title Index

Philosophy and Method
Philosophic Semantics and Philosophic Inquiry
Experience and Metaphysics
The Flight from Certainty and the Quest for Precision
Being Existence and That Which Is
Aristotles Conception of the Development and the Nature of Scientific Method
Aristotle and the Origins of Science in the West
The Hellenistic and Roman Foundations of the Tradition of Aristotle in the West

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Richard McKeon (1900–85) was the Charles F. Grey Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Chicago.

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