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What disturbances took place in London, April 10th ?

When was Her Majesty's sixth child born ? What terrible disease raged in this country during the autumn of this year, and the beginning of the next? What riots took place in Ireland, in 1849 ? What victory did Lord Gough achieve? Whạt island was constituted a bishop's see and diocese, in May? What was the subject of discussion in the cabinet council, in London, on the 2nd of October ? When did Her Majesty the Queen Dowager die ? What laws came into force on the 1st of June, 1850 ? When and how did the first smouldering embers of a war with Russia betray themselves? What joyous event occurred on the 1st of May? When and from what cause did Sir Robert Peel die ? When and where did the ex-King of the French expire ? What outrageous assault was made upon Her Majesty, June 27th? What royal Duke died on the 8th of July ? What took place on the 6th of December? How was the year 1852 rendered remarkable? When did Lord John Russell resign his office of prime minister, and who succeeded him ? Give a few particulars concerning the affairs of the great Exhibition ? What treaty was signed on the 10th of July? What tax was repealed on the 25th ult.? When was the sub-marine telegraph brought into operation, between Dover and Calais ? When did the king of Hanover die ? Who succeeded him ? How is the close of this year marked? What change took place in the ministry early in the year 1852 ? What was the militia bill ? When was Lord Derby elected ? What war commenced in March ? When did the militia bill pass ? When and where did the Duke of Wellington die ? Where was he interred? What occurred in France on the 7th of September? What is the new source of disagreement in the cabinet ? When did the Kaffir war terminate ? For what were the Kaffirs remarkable throughout the war? How is the Burmese question progressing? In what struggle is England becoming more and more involved? What is the state of affairs at home? How is Ireland going on ? What grand military displays took place in June and August ? How are France and England situated in relation to each other? Give some slight outline of the affairs pending between Russia and Turkey? When did Turkey declare war against Russia ? When was the massacre of Sinope? What of Schamy?? Who gained the battle of Citate, and when? When did England declare war against Russia ? Relate a few particulars of the war?

When was the bombardment of Odessa ? How was the 26th of April observed in England ? What occurred at Varna on the 19th of May. What blockade did Sir Charles Napier effect on the 29th of May ? When was the seige of Silistria raised ? Relate a few of the principal circumstances of the war until the attack on Bomarsund? When was the battle of the Alma ? What were the losses ? When were fought and won. Balaklava and Inkermann? When did Nicholas I. Emperor of Russia, die? What was the cause of his death? Relate some particulars of the taking of Sebastopol ? Who succeeded Nicholas ? What illustrious guests visited the metropolis in the month of May? When did her Majesty return the Imperial visit ? How are the British Colonies progressing? What is England doing at home?




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