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of so small a size in the Navy as a fifth rate, is auspicious to the hope that the East-India Company will appoint Chaplains to their regular ships. A Fifth Rate may have only one hundred and forty-five men. An Indiaman, it is true, has sometimes fewer than a hundred men on the books, But the question is not (in the contemplation of moral purposes) how many sailors there are on the books, but how many souls there are on board, in the voyage out and home, including troops and

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"When the blessed work shall be happily effected-when the Gospel of Christ Jesus shall become the established religion of Britons throughout Indostan; we may then hope, assuredly, to see the purity of evangelical truth extend its sacred influence, and its divine precepts work conviction in the hearts of the unenlightened natives. An ample field will then be opened for the further propagation of the Christian faith to the remotest provinces of India, and to the ends of the earth.


May the Almighty vouchsafe, in his appointed time, to prosper the undertaking, and to fulfil the prophecies concerning the kingdom of his Son! May he prepare mankind for the universal reception of the Gospel, and for the arrival of that blessed period, foretold by the voice of Truth itself, when we shall be one fold under one Shepherd,' when all the kingdoms of this world shall become the king


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doms of our Lord and his Christ, and he shall reign for

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ever and ever.'

See Sermon preached before "the Society for the "Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts" by Thomas, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, on Feb. 17th, 1786, p. 22.


passengers. It will not be contended, that the
number is less, on an average, than two hundred
men *

This, and other matters connected with the
welfare of India, and particularly the abolition of
inhuman customs inflicting death or tending to
death, will form subjects for the Quin-quennial
Review before mentioned, to be taken by Parlia-
ment during the continuance of the Company's
Charter. A period of twenty years is too long
an interval for the investigation of improvements,
which ought to be continually progressive; refer-
ring, as they do, to the preservation of human
life, the moral condition of our own countrymen,
and the general happiness of so great an Empire.

* See CHARTER, 10th William III. 5th Sept. 1698.
"And we do further will and appoint, that the said Com-
pany, hereby established, and their successors, shall take a
CHAPLAIN on board every ship which shall be sent by
the same Company to the said East Indies, or other the
parts within the limits aforesaid, which shall be of the bur-
then of five hundred tons or upwards."

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From the Honourable the East-India Company's printed Lists.

BENGAL.-Civil Officers (see East-India

Register for 1813, corrected to Dec.

31, 1812).........

Military Officers.....

European Inhabitants (men only)

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BOMBAY.-Civil Officers.........

Military Officers........

Marine Officers .....

European Inhabitants........

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Total Officers (Company's only) and European inhabitants (men only) at the three Presidencies S

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MADRAS; 1806.

BENGAL; from the India printed Lists of 1806. 8th Light Dragoons; 24th ditto; 25th ditto; 17th Regiment of Foot; 22d ditto; 53d ditto; 67th ditto; 75th ditto


In all, 8 regiments, 900 strong on an average


BOMBAY; 1808.

19th Light Dragoons; 22d ditto

12th Regiment of Foot; 33d ditto; 34th ditto; 59th ditto; 69th ditto; 80th ditto; 94th ditto. In all, 9 regiments



56th Regiment of Foot; 65th ditto'; 78th
ditto; 84th ditto; 86th ditto.-5 Regiments

Total King's Regiments at the three Presidencies* 19,800


CEYLON; 1806.

19th Regiment of Foot; 51st ditto; 66th } 3,000

ditto; and 3 Companies Royal Artillery ......


* In Letter from Chairman of Court of Directors to Lord Melville (Dec. 16, 1808) the King's Troops at the three Presidencies are estimated at up:ward' of 20,000 men.

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