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THERE are other subjects, besides those contained in this Brief. View, which will be thought worthy of the attention of the Legislature, whenever it shall be pleased to enter on the investigation of the moral and religious state of our Colonial Possessions and Asiatic Empire. Nor will it be practicable, perhaps, in one Session, to do all which may be thought necessary for the honour of Christianity, and for the advantage of our countrymen and native subjects in our foreign dominions.


The subjects of commerce, of revenue, and of extension of local dominion, are entitled to the serious and frequent attention of the Legislature: but the extension of TRUTH in the world, and of happiness, its attendant, is not inferior in importance to these; and the consideration of this subject upward of two centuries ago, laid the foundation of our present greatness as a nation. It is certain, that a large proportion of the learned and enlightened individuals in this kingdom are of opinion, "That more ought to be done for

Christianity, than has been done; and they look forward, with solicitude, to the measures which Parliament shall in its wisdom adopt, in regard to the future state of the people of different countries, climates, and languages, concerning whom it is about to deliberate*.


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We are happy to see congenial sentiments expressed by members of the American Legislature. One of them, deprecating the continuance of the war between Britain and America, makes the following evangelic appeal:

Shall the only two nations upon earth, who worship the only and true God in purity; the two nations, who are conjoined in their exertions to send the word of life-the "word of the only and true God-TO THE HEATHEN OF 66 THE EAST; shall these two nations imbrue themselves in "each other's blood, and sacrifice themselves as victims "on the altars of Moloch?"-See Mr. Randolph's Speech in Congress, at Washington, on the 13th of January, 1813.

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These are auspicious sounds in the legislative discussions of a nation, in regard to the evangelization of the East. May we hear voices in the British Parliament respond to them! To send "the Word of Life to the Heathen of the "East," is indeed an undertaking worthy the united exertions of our enlightened countries. But a nation cannot be said to have engaged in such a work, until it shall have been sanctioned by the national council. When that is done ----when nations shall have publicly and solemnly devoted themselves to such a labour of love toward their fellow-creatures abroad, they will not long fight with each other at home. And then would be realised those promised scenes

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May God direct our measures! May He, the God of our Fathers, who hath led this nation onward for many ages in a course of continued success and increasing fame, inspire her counsels; that she may not fall, at last, by her prosperity! And, remembering the Divine dispensation, that "Righteousness exalteth a nation;" and that a people are necessarily rewarded or punished, as a nation, in this world, since they cannot be rewarded or punished, as a nation, in the world to come; MAY the righteous decrees of our Legislature make it evident to the world, that this nation “hath chosen righteousness;" and that she doth not ascribe her present eminence to CHANCE or to the FATE of empire, to the strength of her fleets or to the valour of her armies; but that she believeth "there is a God who judgeth in the earth," and who giveth to nations a recompense in this life, <6 according to their WORKS;" of which works this is the chief," To confess the name of the Son of God before men;"-while, on the other hand, an empire, which is founded in impiety, and exalted

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of the Gospel (already realised in many families and private communities), "Peace on earth, and good will toward men."

But, alas! many political characters are apt to say, this is a dream," and sink to the grave in unbelief.



by oppression, although it may triumph for a time and overwhelm many kingdoms, will be brought to destruction at the last, and be, only remembered on the earth as a lesson to nations.

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Knowing, then, the momentous trust committed to their charge, That not only the prosperity of the Church in this kingdom, but of the Christian religion throughout the world, is to be the subject of their deliberations; and that the happiness of a great portion of the human race will be influenced by their counsels; and, knowing further, That, for this trust (the greatest which God giveth "to princes and judges of the earth"), and for these talents, committed to their care as "stewards of God," our Legislators are to give an account to the Supreme Judge at the last day (not as a body, but individually; not for the conduct or ascendency of a majority, but every man for his own sentiment and purpose); MAY a solemn sense of the importance of these functions, and of their responsibility in respect to them, grow in their minds with the consideration of the subject, and enable them to give a public TESTIMONY for the honour of God! So shall this our nation, which they represent, and which is, at the present time, displaying, in almost every part of it, the noblest efforts for the extension of Chris

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,tian knowledge, exult in the wisdom and sublime character of their counsels.-Animated by such a spirit and by such purposes, they may confidently hope that God will graciously "direct and prosper all their consultations to the advancement of His Glory, the good of His Church, and "the safety, honour, and welfare of our Sovereign "and his dominions."


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There is not an error more common in the Christian World at this day, or which more powerfully militates against the attempts to convert heathen nations, than the following, "That there can be no rational hope of converting the "heathens of this age, without the miracles of the first age."

By what means, then, we would ask, did the first teachers convert heathen nations? Was it by the constant exhibition of miracles? Certainly not. A miracle may convince the judgment, and demonstrate the power of a present Deity: but the mere view of a supernatural act cannot convert the soul to righteousness of life, inspire love to God, charity


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