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of inferior dignity at Java, Isles of Mauritius and Bour-
bon, West Africa, and Malta

The office of Confirmation appears to be renounced in our
foreign dominions

Literary Representatives of Christianity to be stationed in
different countries; as Greek Islands, Lesser Asia, Syria,
Abyssinia, Erivan, Bagdad, &c. . . . .
Existing Missions of all denominations in the British domi-
nions abroad. Not the Church of England, but other
denominations of Christians, who are forming the reli-
gion in the British foreign dominions


Have a prior claim to the East, on the attention of Britain.→→→

Moral state of the Slaves.-Admirable Effects of Chris-

tianity on many Slaves

State of the Church of England in the West Indies, in regard

to its efficiency as an instrument of instructing the

people . . .

Mulattos--The half-cast race in the East and West Indies, in
the most degraded state. Their case must come at last
before Parliament.-The local governments incompetent
to provide a remedy against their increase and degrada-

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Instruction of the Negroes by Missionaries .
Edict concerning Teachers of Christianity in Jamaica.—Mis-
sionaries imprisoned.-Revoked by his Majesty.
Second Edict, in 1807.-Slaves to be whipped for praying
or singing Psalms-Revoked by his Majesty.-The op-
position to the instruction of Slaves still maintained--
Requires the interference of the Legislature.

Ceylon.-Three Hundred and Forty-two Thousand Protestant
Christians, and only three English Chaplains. . . .

Java-may become the instrument in our hands of extend-

ing and confirming pure Christianity in the Pacific



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The Burning of Women

Revenue derived from Idolatry

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quired to interrupt sanguinary practices, affecting human
life. While we wait for the promulgation of Chris-
tianity, lives are taken away

The Murder of Children

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NOTE. The PREACHING OF THE CROSS, the ordained Means
of Conversion in every Age.








THE facts contained in the following pages chiefly claim attention, as being derived from communications published by Members of the Imperial Parliament, or as having been already authenticated by official sanction, or as being otherwise of such general notoriety that their existence may be readily admitted.


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