Wicked Women of Missouri

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Arcadia Publishing, 25 mai 2016 - 144 pagini
Marauders like Jesse James and the Younger gang earned Missouri the title of "Outlaw State," but the male desperadoes had nothing on their female counterparts. Belle "Queen of the Bandits" Starr and Cora Hubbard kept Missouri's sensationalist newspapers and dime novelists in business with exploits ranging from horse thefts to bank heists. Missouri native Ma Barker and her murderous sons rose to infamy during the gangster era of the 1930s while Bonnie Parker crisscrossed the state with Clyde Barrow. From savvy burlesque dancers to deadly gold diggers, historian Larry Wood chronicles the titillating stories of ten of the Show-Me State's shadiest ladies.

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Belle Starr Queen of the Bandits
All the Pretty Horse Thieves
Cora Hubbard Female Bank Robber
Zeo Zoe Wilkins Gold Digger Extraordinaire
From Good Girl to Bad Woman
The Story of Bonnie Parker
Ma Barker and Her Murderous Sons
The Sextraordinary Sally Rand
Bonnie Heady and the Greenlease Kidnapping
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Author of six other books with The History Press, Larry Wood is a retired public school teacher and a freelance writer.

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