Tariff Schedules: Hearings Before the Committee...Jan. 6-[-Feb. 1] 1913, Volumele 24-26

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Pagina 4745 - All goods, wares, articles, and merchandise mined, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part In any foreign country by convict labor or/and forced labor or/and Indentured labor under penal sanctions shall not be entitled to entry at any of the ports of the United States, and the importation thereof is hereby prohibited, and the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to prescribe such regulations as may be necessary for the enforcement of this provision.
Pagina 5042 - Books, maps, music, engravings, photographs, etchings, lithographic prints and charts, specially imported, not more than two copies in any one invoice, in good faith, for the use and by order of any society or institution incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use and by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States...
Pagina 4997 - ... give notice in writing to the collector, setting forth therein distinctly and specifically, and in respect to each entry or payment, the reasons for his objections thereto...
Pagina 5043 - Treasury shall prescribe; but the term "regalia" as herein used shall be held to embrace only such insignia of rank or office or emblems as may be worn upon the person or borne in the hand during public exercises of the society or institution, and shall not include articles of furniture or fixtures, or of regular wearing apparel, nor personal property of individuals.
Pagina 5100 - Whereas it is necessary for the support of government, for the discharge of the debts of the United States, and the encouragement and protection of manufactures, that duties be laid on goods, wares, and merchandises imported: Be it enacted, etc.
Pagina 5004 - ... the enumerated article which it most resembles in any of the particulars before mentioned; and if any nonenumerated article equally resembles two or more enumerated articles on which different rates of duty are chargeable, there shall be levied on such nonenumerated article the same rate of duty as is chargeable on the article which it resembles paying the highest rate of duty...
Pagina 4713 - ... grains, leaves, flowers, and stems or parts thereof, of whatever material composed, not specially provided for in this section, 60 per centum ad valorem; boas, boutonnieres, wreaths, and all articles not specially provided for in this section, composed wholly or in chief value of any of the feathers, flowers, leaves, or other material herein mentioned, 60 per centum ad valorem...
Pagina 4991 - ... and shall not be imposed upon any article upon which the amount of duty imposed by law on account of the appraised value does not exceed the amount of duty that would be imposed if the appraised value did not exceed the entered value, and shall be limited to 75 per centum of the appraised value of such article or articles.
Pagina 4819 - Such additional duties shall not be construed to be penal, and shall not be remitted nor payment thereof in any way avoided...
Pagina 5000 - Provided, further, That all additional duties, penalties or forfeitures applicable to merchandise entered by a duly certified invoice, shall be alike applicable to merchandise entered by a pro forma invoice or statement in the form of an invoice...

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