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476 They desired him, saying, Sir, we would see [11s. 10s.

Jesus.-John xii. 21. 1 We would see Jesus; for the shadows lengthen

Across this little landscape of our life; We would see Jesus, our weak faith to

strengthen For the last weariness, the final strife. 2 We would see Jesus; for life's hand hath

rested With its dark touch upon both heart and

brow; And though our souls have many a billow

breasted, Others are rising in the distance now. 3 We would see Jesus, the great rock foundation

Whereon our feet were set by sovereign grace, Nor life nor death, with all their agitation,

Can thence remove us if we see his face. 4 We would see Jesus: other lights are paling,

Which for long years we have rejoiced to see; The blessings of our pilgrimage are failing,

We would not mourn them, for we go to thee. 5 We would see Jesus; yet the spirit lingers

Round the dear objects it has loved so long, And earth from earth can scarce unclasp its

fingers; Our love to thee makes not this love less

strong 6 We would see Jesus : sense is all too blinding,

And heaven appears too dim, too far away : We would see thee, thyself our hearts reminding

What thou hast suffer'd our great debt to pay. 7 We would see Jesus : this is all we're needing ;

Strength, joy, and willingness come with the

sight; We would see Jesus, dying, risen, pleading,

Then welcome day, and farewell mortal night.

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477 They saw no man any more, save Jesus only. [83. 6.

Mark ix. 8.
1 O SAVIOUR, I have nought to plead,

In earth beneath or heaven above,
But just my own exceeding need

And thy exceeding love.
2 The need will soon be past and gone,

Exceeding great but quickly o’er :
The love unbought is all thine own

And lasts for evermore."

Communion of the Sick.


Lord, I believe ; help thou mine unbelief.

Mark ix. 24.


1 GOD of my salvation, hear,

And help me to believe;
Simply do I now draw near,

Thy blessing to receive :
Full of sin, alas ! I am,
But to thy wounds for refuge flee:
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me.
2 Standing now as newly slain,

To thee I lift mine eye;
Balm of all my grief and pain,

Thy grace is always nigh;
Now, as yesterday, the same
Thou art, and wilt for ever be;
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me.
3 Nothing have I, Lord, to pay,

Nor can thy grace procure ;
Empty send me not away,

For I, thou know'st, am poor;

Dust and ashes is my name,
My all is sin and misery :

Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me.
4 No good word, or work, or thought,

Bring I to gain thy grace;
Pardon I accept unbought,

Thy proffer I embrace:
Coming, as at first I came,
To take, and not bestow on thee;
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me.

The Order for the Burial of the Dead.



479 Ye sorrow not even as others which have no hope. [P.M.

1 Thess. iv. 13.

1 Thou art gone to the grave; but we will not

deplore thee, Though sorrows and darkness encompass the

tomb; Thy Saviour has pass'd through its 'portal

before thee, And the lamp of his love is thy guide through

the gloom. 2 Thou art gone to the grave: we no longer

behold thee, Nor tread the rough path of the world by

thy side; But the wide arms of mercy are spread to enfold

thee, And sinners may die, for the Sinless has 3 Thou art gone to the grave; and, its mansion


forsaking, Perchance thy weak spirit in fear linger’d

long; But the mild rays of Paradise beam'd on thy

waking, And the sound which thou heardst was the

seraphim's song. 4 Thou art gone to the grave; but we will not

deplore thee, Whose God was thy ransom, thy guardian,

and guide; He gave thee, he took thee, and he will restore


And death has no sting, for the Saviour has




I heard a voice from heaven, saying unto me,

Write, Blessed are the dead which die in
the Lord.-Rev. xiv. 13.

1 HUSH ! blessèd are the dead

In Jesus' arms who rest,
And lean their weary head

For ever on his breast.
2 O beatific sight!

No darkling veil between,
They see the Light of Light,

Whom here they loved unseen.
3 For them the wild is past

With all its toil and care;
Its withering midnight blast,

Its fiery noonday glare.
4 Them the Good Shepherd leads,

Where storms are never rife,
In tranquil dewy meads

Beside the Fount of Life.

5 Ours only are the tears,

weep around their tomb
The light of bygone years

And shadowing years to come.
6 Their voice, their touch, their smile,

Those love-springs flowing o'er,-
Earth for its little while

Shall never know them more.
7 O tender hearts and true,

Our long last vigil kept,
and mourn for

Nor blame us : Jesus wept.
8 But soon at break of day

His calm Almighty voice,
Stronger than death, shall say,



The spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

Eccles. xii. 7.



1 BROTHER, thou art gone before us,

And thy saintly soul is flown
Where tears are wiped from every eye,

And sorrow is unknown.
From the burden of the flesh,

And from care and fears released,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,

And the weary are at rest.
2 The toilsome way thou'st travell’d o'er,

And borne the heavy load ;
But Christ hath taught thy languid feet

To reach his blest abode;
Thou art sleeping now like Lazarus

Upon his Father's breast,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,

And the weary are at rest.

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