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371 Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the [C.M.

least of these my brethren, ye have done

it unto me.-Matt. xxv. 40.
1 FOUNTAIN of good, to own thy love

Our thankful hearts incline;
What can we render, Lord, to thee,

When all the worlds are thine ?
2 But thou hast needy brethren here,

Partakers of thy grace,
Whose humble names thou wilt confess

Before thy Father's face.
3 In their sad accents of distress

Thy pleading voice is heard;
In them thou may'st be clothed, and fed,

And visited, and cheer'd.
4 Thy face with reverence and with love

We in thy poor would see;
For, while we minister to them,

We do it, Lord, to thee.

372 All things come of thee, and of thine own have [88. 4.

we given thee.-1 Chron. xxix. 14.
1 O LORD of heaven and earth and sea,

To thee all praise and glory be;
How shall we show our love to thee,

Giver of all ?
2 The golden sunshine, vernal air,

Sweet flowers and fruits thy love declare;
Where harvests ripen, thou art there,

Giver of all.
3 For peaceful homes and healthful days,

For all the blessings earth displays,
We owe thee thankfulness and praise,

Giver of all.

4 Thou didst not spare thine only Son,

But gav'st him for a world undone,
And freely with that Blessed One

Thou givest all.
5 Thou giv'st the Holy Spirit's dower,

Spirit of life and love and power,
And dost his sevenfold graces shower

Upon us all.
6 For souls redeem'd, for sins forgiven,

For means of grace and hopes of heaven,
What can to thee, O Lord, be given,

Who givest all ?
7 We lose what on ourselves we spend,

We have as treasure without end
Whatever, Lord, to thee we lend,

Who givest all.
8 Whatever, Lord, we lend to thee

Repaid a thousandfold will be,
Then gladly will we give to thee,

Giver of all;
9 To thee, from whom we all derive

Our life, our gifts, our power to give.
O may we ever with thee live,

Giver of all. Amen.




As every man hath received the gift, even

so minister the same one to another.-
1 Pet. iv. 10.
WE give thee but thine own,

Whate'er the gift may be;
All that we have is thine alone,

A trust, O Lord, from thee.
May we thy bounties thus

As stewards true receive,
And gladly as thou blessest us,

To thee our first-fruits give.


3 0! hearts are bruised and dead,

And homes are bare and cold,
And lambs, for whom the Shepherd bled,

Are straying from the fold. 4 To comfort and to bless,

To find a balm for woe,
To tend the lone and fatherless

Is angel's work below. 5 The captive to release,

To God the lost to bring,
To teach the way of life and peace,

It is a Christ-like thing.
6 And we believe thy word,

Though dim our faith may be;
Whate'er for thine we do, O Lord,

We do it unto thee.*


374 The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the [8s. 78.

cruse of oil fail.-1 Kings xvii. 16. 1 Is thy cruse of comfort wasting ? rise and share

it with another, And through all the years of famice it shall

serve thee and thy brother : 2 Love divine will fill thy storehouse, or thy hand

ful still renew; Scanty fare for one will often make a royal feast

for two. 3 For the heart grows rich in giving; all its wealth

is living grain; Seeds, which mildew in the garner, scatter'd, fill

with gold the plain. 4. Is thy burden hard and heavy ? do thy steps

drag wearily? Help to bear thy brother's burden; God will 5 Numb and weary on the mountains, wouldst

bear both it and thee.

thou sleep amidst the snow? Chafe that frozen form beside thee, and together

both shall glow. 6 Art thou stricken in life's battle? Many

wounded round thee moan; Lavish on their wounds thy balsams, and that

balm shall heal thine own. 7 Is the heart a well left empty? None but God

its void can fill; Nothing but a ceaseless fountain can its cease

less longings still. 8 Is the heart a living power? self-entwined, its

strength sinks low; It can only live in loving, and by serving love

will grow."



The Administration of the Lord's Supper,



375 Come ; for all things are now ready.

[L.M. Luke xiv. 17. 1 My God, and is thy table spread ?

And doth thy cup with love o'erflow?
Thither be all thy children led,

And let them all thy sweetness know. 2 Hail, sacred feast, which Jesus makes,

Rich banquet of his flesh and blood!
Thrice happy he who here partakes

That sacred stream, that heavenly food.

3 Why are its bounties all in vain

Before unwilling hearts display'd ?
Was not for you the Victim slain ?

Are you forbid the children's bread ? 4 O let thy table honour'd be,

And furnish:d well with joyful guests :
And may

each soul salvation see
That here its sacred pledges tastes."

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376 I am that bread of life.-John vi. 48. [L.M. 1 JESU, thou joy of loving hearts,

Thou Fount of Life, thou Light of men, From the best bliss that earth imparts,

We turn unfill'd to thee again. 2 Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood;

; Thou savest those that on thee call; To them that seek thee, thou art good;

To them that find thee, All in All. 3 We taste thee, O thou living Bread,

And long to feast upon thee still ; We drink of thee, the Fountain-head,

And thirst our souls from thee to fill. 4 Our restless spirits yearn for thee,

Where'er our changeful lot is cast: Glad, when thy gracious smile we see;

Blest, when our faith can hold thee fast. 5 O Jesu, ever with us stay;

Make all our moments calm and bright;
Chase the dark night of sin away;

Shed o'er the world thy holy light.


377 This do in remembrance of me.—Luke xxii. 19. [C.M.

1 ACCORDING to thy gracious word,

In meek humility,
This will I do, my dying Lord,

I will remember thee.

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