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My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Matt. xxvii. 46.
10 JESU, whelm'd in fears unknown,

With our evil left alone,
While no light from heaven is shown:

Hear us, Holy Jesu, 11 When we vainly seem to pray,

And our hope seems far away,
In the darkness be our stay:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 12 Though no Father seem to hear,

Though no light our spirits cheer,
Tell our faith that God is near :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.

I thirst.-John xix. 28. 13 JESU, in thy thirst and pain,

While thy wounds thy life-blood drain,
Thirsting more our love to gain :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 14 Thirst for us in mercy still ;

All thy holy work fulfil;
Satisfy thy loving will:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 15 May we thirst thy love to know;

Lead us in our sin and woe
Where the healing waters flow :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.

It is finished.—John xix. 30. 16 JESU,—all our ransom paid,

All thy Father's will obey'd,
By thy sufferings perfect made :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.


17 Save us in our soul's distress,

Be our help to cheer and bless
While we grow in holiness :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
18 Brighten all our heavenward way,
With an ever holier

ray, Till we pass to perfect day :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.

Luke xxiii. 46.
19 JESU, -all thy labour vast,

All thy woe and conflict past,-
Yielding up thy soul at last :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
20 When the death-shades round us lower,

Guard us from the tempter's power,
Keep us in that trial hour :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
21 May thy life and death supply

Grace to live and grace to die, ,
Grace to reach the home on high :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.



I will be as the dew unto Israel.-Hosca xiv. 5.
1 SPIRIT blest, who art adored

With the Father and the Word,
One eternal God and Lord;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.
2 Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,

Dew descending from above,
Breath of life, and fire of love;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.

3 Source of strength and knowledge clear,

Wisdom, godliness sincere,
Understanding, counsel, fear;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.
4 Source of meekness, love, and peace,

Patience, pureness, faith's increase,
Hope and joy that cannot cease;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 5 Spirit guiding us aright,

Spirit making darkness light,
Spirit of resistless might;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 6 Thou by whom the Virgin bore

Him, whom heaven and earth adore,
Sent our nature to restore ;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 7 Thou, whom Jesus from his throne

Gave to cheer and help his own,
That they might not be alone;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 8 Thou whose grace the Church doth fill,

Showing her God's perfect will,
Making Jesus present still;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 9 Thou by whom our souls are fed

With the true and living bread,
Even him who for us bled ;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 10 All thy seven-fold gifts bestow,

Gifts of wisdom God to know,
Gifts of strength to meet the foe;

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 11 All our evil passions kill,

Bend aright our stubborn will,
Though we grieve thee, patient still;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.

12 Come to raise us when we fall,

And, when snares our souls enthrall,
Lead us back with gentle call;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.
13 Come, to strengthen all the weak,

Give thy courage to the meek,
Teach our faltering tongues to speak;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.
14 Come to aid the souls who yearn

More of truth divine to learn,
And with deeper love to burn;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.
15 Keep us in the narrow way,

Warn us when we go astray,
Plead within us when we pray;

Hear us, Holy Spirit.
16 Holy, loving, as thou art,

Come, and live within our heart;
Never more from us depart;
Hear us, Holy Spirit.


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549 I am the light of the world : he that followeth me

shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the

light of life.-John viii. 12.
1 Light, that from the dark abyss

Madest all things, none amiss,
To share thy beauty, share thy bliss

Come to us : come. 2 Light, that dost o'er all things reign,

Light that dost all life maintain;
O Light, that dost create again,

Come to us: come. 3 Light of men, that left the skies,

Light that look'd through human eyes,
And died in darkness as man dies,

Come to us : come.

4 Light that stoop'd to rise and raise,

Soar'd to God above our gaze,
And still art with us all the days,

Come to us : come. 5 Light that makest manifest,

Beautifiest, hallowest,
Light in thy joyous strength at rest,

Come to us: come. 6 Leave us not to say we see,

While we shut our eyes to thee,
Who knockest very patiently :

Enter, and come. 7 All our good is thine alone;

All our evil is our own;
O drive it from before thy throne,

Come to us : come. 8 Works of darkness put away ;

With thy harness us array
To walk in light and wait for day,

And thee to come. 9 We have done great wrong to thee,

Yet we do belong to thee;
O make our life one song to thee.

Come to us : come. 10 Come in all the majesty

Of thy great humility;
Come, the whole world cries out to thee,

Come to us : come.

550 Christ loved the Church, and gave himself for it.

Epl. v. 25.
1 JESU, with thy church abide,

Be her Saviour, Lord, and Guide,
While on earth her faith is tried :

We beseech thee, hear us.

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