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4 Little hearts may love thee well,

Little lips thy love may tell,
Little hymns thy praises swell :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 5 Little lives may be divine,

Little deeds of love may shine,
Little ones be wholly thine:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 6 Jesu, once an infant small,

Cradled in the oxen's stall,
Though the God and Lord of all :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 7 Once a child so good and fair,

Feeling want, and toil, and care,
All that we may have to bear:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 8 Jesu, thou dost love us still,

And it is thy holy will
That we should be safe from ill:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 9 Be thou with us every day,

In our work and in our play,
When we learn and when we pray:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 10 When we lie asleep at night,

Ever may thy angels bright
Keep us safe till morning's light:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 11 Make us brave without a fear,

Make us happy, full of cheer,
Sure that thou art always near :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 12 May we prize our Christian name,

May we guard it free from blame,
Fearing all that causes shame:

Hear us, Holy Jesu.

13 May we grow from day to day,

Glad to learn each holy way,
Ever ready to obey :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
14 May we ever try to be

From our sinful tempers free,
Pure and gentle, Lord, like thee:

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
15 May our thoughts be undefiled,

May our words be true and mild,
Make us each a holy child :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
16 Jesu, Son of God Most High,

Who didst in a manger lie,

the cross didst die :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
17 Jesu, from thy heavenly throne,

Watching o'er each little one,
Till our life on earth is done :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
18 Jesu, whom we hope to see

Calling us in heaven to be
Happy evermore with thee,

Hear us, Holy Jesu. Amen.


546 Ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby

we cry, Abba, Father.-- Rom. viii. 15.
1 UNCREATED Fount of Light,

Glory without shade of night,
Everlasting, infinite,

Holy Father, hear us.
2 Well of life that ever flows,

Life more pure than stainless snows,
Life in calm serene repose,

Holy Father, hear us.

3 Blessed One, whose name is love,

Pleads with thee thy Son above;
Broods o'er us thy hovering Dove;

Holy Father, hear us. 4 Round about thy sapphire throne,

Shines the rainbow's emerald zone,
Breathing heavenly peace alone:

Holy Father, hear us. 5 There before thy mercy-seat

Saints in light and angels meet;
Yet behold us at thy feet:

Holy Father, hear us. 6 Thou, whose deep compassions yearn

For the prodigal's return,
And his far-off steps discern,

Holy Father, hear us. 7 Aching hearts that long for rest,

Wilder'd souls by doubt oppress’d,
Babes that crave a parent's breast,-

Holy Father, hear us. 8 All have some great gift to seek,

Hungred, thirsty, weary, weak;
All have wants no words can speak,

Holy Father, hear us. 9 Is not thy paternal board

With all royal bounties stored,
Priceless, countless, unexplored ?

Holy Father, hear us. 10 Thou who sparedst not thy Son,

Him thine own, thine only One,
Till thy work by him was done,

Holy Father, hear us. 11 Thou in all his sorrows nigh,

Thou, who heardest his last cry,
Thou, who sufferedst him to die,

Holy Father, hear us.

12 Thou, omnipotent to save

From destruction's whelming wave,
Death and hell and vanquish'd grave,

Holy Father, hear us.
13 Thou, at whose right hand once more

He is now, his conflict o'er,
Throned where he was throned before,

Holy Father, hear us.
14 Thou, who crownest him with grace,

Foldest him to thine embrace,
Him the brightness of thy face,

Holy Father, hear us.
15 All the richest gifts of heaven,

Sevenfold from the Spirits Seven,
Measureless to him are given :

Holy Father, hear us.
16 At his word thy Spirit came

Crowns of light and tongues of flame :
Oh for our Redeemer's name,

Holy Father, hear us.
17 Grant us in this holy hour

From his bride's exhaustless dower
Light and life and peace and power:

Holy Father, hear us.
18 Hear our cry, our voiceless needs :

Hear, in us thy Spirit pleads :
Hear, for Jesus intercedes :

Holy Father, hear us. Amen.

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547 Father, forgive them, for they know not what they

do.-Luke xxiii. 34.
1 Jesu, in thy dying woes,

Even while thy life-blood flows,
Craving pardon for thy foes :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.

2 Saviour, for our pardon sue,

When our sins thy pangs renew,
For we know not what we do:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 3 O may we, who mercy need,

Be like thee in heart and deed,
When with wrong our spirits bleed :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.


To-day shalt thou be with me in Paradise.

Luke xxiii. 43. 4 Jesu, pitying the sighs

Of the thief, who near thee dies,
Promising him Paradise :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 5 May we in our guilt and shame

Still thy love and mercy claim,
Calling humbly on thy Name:

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 6 O remember us who pine,

Looking from our cross to thine;
Cheer our souls with hope divine :

Hear us, Holy Jesu.
Woman, behold thy Son. Behold thy mother

John xix. 26, 27. 7 Jesu, loving to the end

Her whose heart thy sorrows rend,
And thy dearest human friend :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 8 May we in thy sorrows share,

And for thee all peril dare,
And enjoy thy tender care :

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 9 May we all thy loved ones be,

All one holy family,
Loving for the love of thee:

Hear us, Holy Jesu.

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