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6 Feast after feast thus comes and passes by; Yet passing, points to the glad feast above; Giving sweet foretastes of the festal joy,

The Lamb's great bridal feast of bliss and love.P

387 My flesh is meat indeed, my blood is drink

indeed.-John vi. 55.

[93. 8s.

1 BREAD of the world, in mercy broken,
Wine of the soul in mercy shed,
By whom the words of life were spoken,
And in whose death our sins are dead;
2 Look on the heart by sorrow broken,
Look on the tears by sinners shed;
And be thy feast to us the token

That by thy grace our souls are fed.

388 Whoso eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood [SIx 78. hath eternal life.-John vi. 54.


1 BREAD of heaven, on thee we feed,
For thy flesh is meat indeed;
Ever may our souls be fed

With this true and living bread;
Day by day with strength supplied
Through the life of him who died.
2 Vine of heaven, thy blood supplies
This blest cup of sacrifice;

Lord, thy wounds our healing give;
To thy cross we look and live;
Jesu, may we ever be

Grafted, rooted, built in thee.*

Behold the Lamb of God.-John i. 36.

1 LAMB of God, whose bleeding love
We now recall to mind,
Send the answer from above,
And let us mercy find;


Think on us who think on thee;
And every struggling soul release;
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.

2 By thine agonizing pain



And bloody sweat, we pray,
By thy dying love to man,
Take all our sins away:
Burst our bonds and set us free;
From all iniquity release;

O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.

Let thy blood, by faith applied,
The sinner's pardon seal;
Speak us freely justified,

And all our sickness heal:
By thy passion on the tree,
Let all our griefs and troubles cease;
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.

Lord, we would not hence depart
Till thou our wants relieve,
Write forgiveness on our heart,
And all thine image give.
Still our souls shall cry to thee,
Till perfected in holiness,
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace. Amen.


Thou preparest a table before me.
Ps. xxiii. 5.


1 ISRAEL'S Shepherd, guide me, feed me,
Through my pilgrimage below;
And beside the waters lead me,
Where thy flock rejoicing go.

O how sweet and comfortable
In the wilderness to see
Such provision, and a table
Spread for sinners,-yes, for me.
2 Symbols there of love receiving,
In thy feast of bread and wine,
Thankful, with a heart believing,
I behold the Saviour mine.
In that bruised body broken,

In the shedding of that blood,
What a gracious pledge and token,
Lord, I have for every good.

3 Come, my soul, temptation flying,
Arm thee for the strife within;
Jesus, thy Redeemer, dying,
Stamps an infamy on sin.

Yield, my heart, no longer harden'd,
Rouse thy every latent power;

Cleansed and wash'd, and freely pardon'd,
Go in peace, and sin no more."

391 He brought me to the banqueting house, and his [S.M. banner over me was love.-Song ii. 4.



SWEET feast of love divine;
'Tis grace that makes us free
To feed upon this bread and wine,
In memory, Lord, of thee.

Here every welcome guest

Waits, Lord, from thee to learn
The secrets of thy Father's breast,
And all thy grace discern.


Here conscience ends its strife,
And faith delights to prove

The sweetness of the bread of life,
The fulness of thy love.




The blood that flow'd for sin

In symbol here we see,

And feel the blessèd pledge within,

That we are loved of thee.

O, if this glimpse of love

Is so divinely sweet,

What will it be, O Lord, above,
Thy gladdening smile to meet;
To see thee face to face,

Thy perfect likeness wear;
And all thy ways of wondrous grace
Through endless years declare.


Ye do shew the Lord's death till he come.
J. Cor. xi. 26.

1 TILL he come-O let the words
Linger on the trembling chords;
Let the little while between
In their golden light be seen;
Let us think how heaven and home
Lie beyond that "Till he come."

2 When the weary ones we love
Enter on their rest above,
Seems the earth so poor and vast,
All our life-joy overcast?
Hush, be every murmur dumb:
It is only till he come.

3 Clouds and conflicts round us press:
Would we have one sorrow less?
All the sharpness of the cross,
All that tells the world is loss,
Death, and darkness, and the tomb,
Only whisper "Till he come."

[SIX 76,

4 See, the feast of love is spread,
Drink the wine, and break the bread:

Sweet memorials,-till the Lord
Call us round his heavenly board;
Some from earth, from glory some,
Sever'd only till he come.*

393 We all with open face, beholding as in a glass [8s. 6s. 8s. the glory of the Lord, are changed into

the same image.-2 Cor. iii. 18.

1 LORD, when before thy throne we meet,
Thy goodness to adore,

From heaven, the eternal mercy-seat,
On us thy blessing pour;

And make our inmost souls to be
An habitation meet for thee.

2 The body for our ransom given,
The blood in mercy shed,

With this immortal food from heaven,
Lord, let our souls be fed;
And as we round thy table kneel,
Help us thy quickening grace to feel.

3 Be thou, O Holy Spirit, nigh;
Accept the humble prayer,
The contrite soul's repentant sigh,
The sinner's heartfelt tear;
And let our adoration rise,
As fragrant incense, to the skies.


Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the [78.
words of eternal life.-John vi. 68.

1 LORD, to whom except to thee
Shall our wandering spirits go;
Thee whom it is light to see,
And eternal life to know?

2 Awful is that life of thine

Which the Spirit's breath inspires;
And the food must be divine

Which each new-born soul desires.

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