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[D. 8s. 7s.

Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Col. i. 27.

1 Love divine, all love excelling,

Joy of heaven, to earth come down,
Fix in us thy humble dwelling,

All thy faithful mercies crown:
Jesu, thou art all compassion,

Pure unbounded love thou art;
Visit us with thy salvation,

Enter every trembling heart. 2 Come, Almighty to deliver,

Let us all thy grace receive;
Suddenly return, and never,

Never more thy temples leave.
Thee we would be always blessing;

Serve thee as thy hosts above;
Pray, and praise thee without ceasing;

Glory in thy perfect love.
3 Finish then thy new creation,

Pure and spotless let us be:
Let us see thy great salvation,

Perfectly restored in thee.
Changed from glory into glory,

Till in heaven we take our place:
Till we cast our crowns before thee,

Lost in wonder, love, and praise."


[8s. 85. 6.

298 My soul followeth hard after thee.

Ps. lxiii. 8.
1 O LOVE divine, how sweet thou art,
When shall I find my willing heart

All taken up by thee?
My thirsty spirit faints to prove
The greatness of redeeming love,

The love of Christ to me.


2 Stronger his love than death and hell,
Its riches are unsearchable :

The first-born sons of light
Desire in vain its depths to see;
They cannot reach the mystery,

The length, and breadth, and height.
3 God only knows the love of God;
O that it now were shed abroad

In this poor stony heart:
For love I sigh, for love I pine ;
This only portion, Lord, be mine,

Be mine this better part.
4 O that I could for ever sit,
With Mary, at the Master's feet;

Be this my happy choice :
My only care, delight, and bliss,
My joy, my heaven on earth be this,

To hear the Bridegroom's voice.

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Lovest thou me?-John xxi. 15. 1 HARK! my soul, it is the Lord;

'Tis thy Saviour; hear his word;
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee:

“Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me? 2 I deliver'd thee when bound,

And when bleeding, heal'd thy wound;
Sought thee wandering, set thee right,

Turn'd thy darkness into light. 3 Can a woman's tender care

Cease towards the child she bare ?
Yes, she may forgetful be,

Yet will I remember thee.
4 Mine is an unchanging love,

Higher than the heights above,
Deeper than the depths beneath,
Free and faithful, strong as death.

5 Thou shalt see my glory soon,

When the work of grace is done :
Partner of my throne shalt be;

Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me ?6 Lord, it is my chief complaint

That my love is cold and faint :
Yet I love thee, and adore ;
O for grace to love thee more.

298 Lord, thou knowest ull things : thou knowest [TEN 75.

that I love thce.-John xxi. 17.

1 From the guiding star that led

Sages to the manger bed;
From the God incarnate press'd
To the mother-maiden's breast;
From the labours humbly plied
Day by day at Joseph's side;
From the sacred lessons learn’d
When the lamp of evening burn'd,-
Steals the voice persuasively,

“Lovest thou, yea, lovest me ?”
2 From the Holy Dove who came

Through the azure heavens like flame;
From the fast, the foughten strife;
From the victory of life;
From the happy homes that smiled,
Parent heal’d and rescued child ;
From the health that play'd again
On the cheek long worn with pain,-
Still there sounds unweariedly,

“Lovest thou, yea, lovest me?”
3 From the mingled glow and gloom

Of the Paschal upper room;
From the deepening shades that fell
Over Kedron's awful dell ;
From the blood-stain'd pathway trod
By the fainting Son of God;

From the woes to us unknown,
Bitter cross, and sealed stone,-
Ever comes persistently,

“Lovest thou, yea, lovest me?” 4 From the dawn of Easter light

Breaking on the world's long night;
From the glories lingering yet
On the brow of Olivet;
From the rapturous angel-songs;
From the Pentecostal tongues ;
From the voice divinely sweet
At the golden mercy-seat,
Pleads, and pleads victoriously,

"Lovest thou, yea, lovest me?' 5 “Lord, thou knowest through and through

All I am and say and do,
All the daily wants that press,
All my hourly waywardness,
All my conflicts, crosses, cares,
Feeble praises, struggling prayers ;-
Yet thou knowest, Lord, that I
Fain for thee would live, would die;
Surely thou, who knowest me,

Knowest, Master, I love thee." 1 299 I will love thee, O Lord my strength. [Six 8s.

Ps. xviii. 1.
1 THEE will I love, my strength, my tower;

Thee will I love, my joy, my crown;
Thee will I love with all my power,

In all thy works, and thee alone;
Thee will I love till sacred fire

Fills my whole soul with pure desire. 2 I thank thee, uncreated Sun,

That thy bright beams on me have shined;
I thank thee, who hast overthrown

My foes, and heal'd my wounded mind :
I thank thee, whose enlivening voice
Bids my freed heart in thee rejoice.

3 Uphold me in the doubtful race,

Nor suffer me again to stray;
Strengthen my feet with steady pace

Still to press forward in thy way :
That all my powers, with all their might,

In thy sole glory may unite.
4 Thee will I love, my joy, my crown;

Thee will I love, my Lord, my God;
Thee will I love, beneath thy frown

Or smile thy sceptre or thy rod;
What though my flesh and heart decay,
Thee shall I love in endless day."


When they had nothing to pay, he frankly [S.M.

forgave them. - Luke vii. 42.
1 He gave me back the bond;

It was a heavy debt;
And as he gave he smiled and said,

Thou wilt not me forget."
2 He gave me back the bond ;


seal was torn away ;
And as he gave he smiled and said,

« Think thou of me alway."
3 That bond I still will keep,

Although it cancell'd be,
It tells me of the love of him

Who paid the debt for me.
4 I look on it and smile;

I look again and weep;
That record of his love for me

I will for ever keep.
It is a bond no more ;

But it shall ever tell
All that I owed was fully paid

By my Emmanuel.

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