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4 Jehovah,-Father, Spirit, Son,

Mysterious Godhead, Three in One.
Before thy throne we sinners bend;
Grace, pardon, life to us extend."

255 There the Lord commanded the blessing, even (L.M.

life for evermore.- -Ps. cxxxiii. 3.
1 Command thy blessing from above,

O God, on all assembled here;
Behold us with a Father's love,
While we look


with filial fear. 2 Command thy blessing, Jesu, Lord,

May we thy true disciples be;
Speak to each heart the mighty word;

Say to the weakest, Follow me.
3 Command thy blessing, in this hour,

Spirit of truth, and fill this place
With humbling and with healing power,

With quickening and confirming grace. 4 O thou, our Maker, Saviour, Guide,

One true Eternal God confess'd,
May nought in life or earth divide

The saints in thy communion bless’d.

256 The redeemed of the Lord shall come with [7s. 5.

singing unto Zion.-Isa. li. 11.
1 THREE in One, and One in Three,

Ruler of the earth and sea,
Hear us, while we lift to thee

Holy chant and psalm.
2 Light of lights, with morning, shine:

Lift us on thy light divine;
And let charity benign

Breathe on us her balm.
3 Light of lights, when falls the even,

Let it close on sin forgiven;
Fold us in the peace of heaven.

Shed a holy calm.


4 Three in One, and One in Three,

Dimly here we worship thee;
With the saints hereafter we

Hope to bear the palm.'
257 Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify

[68. 48.
thy name?—Rev. xv. 4.
1 FATHER of heaven above,
Dwelling in light and love,

Ancient of days,
Light unapproachable,
Love inexpressible,
Thee, the Invisible,

Laud we and praise.
2 Christ the eternal Word,
Christ the incarnate Lord,

Saviour of all,
High throned above all height,
God of God, Light of Light,
Increate, infinite,

On thee we call.
3 O God, the Holy Ghost,
Whose fires of Pentecost

Burn evermore,
In this far wilderness
Leave us not comfortless :
Thee we love, thee we bless,

Thee we adore.
4 Strike your harps, heavenly powers ;
With your glad chants shall ours

Trembling ascend :
All praise, O God, to thee,
Three in One, One in Three,
Praise everlastingly,

World without end.

258 The name of the Father, and of the son, and (NINE 73.

of the Holy Ghost.—Matt. xxviii. 19.
1 MIGHTY Father, blessed Son,

Holy Spirit, Three in One,
Evermore thy will be done.

Threefold is thy glorious might,
Threefold is thy name of light
Veild before our mortal sight.
Threefold let our praises be,
Great Mysterious One, to thee,

Undivided Trinity.
2 Into mystery deeper higher

Thou dost awfully retire
Lowliest reverence to inspire;
That within the golden door,
Sense and sight must wait before,
Faith may enter and adore :
Mystery='tis all around;
Mystery—but holy ground;

Where thy mercy may be found.
3 O my God, mine all thou art :

Take my whole in every part,
Body, spirit, mind, and heart.
Threefold is thy love to me;
Threefold let my graces be,
Faith and hope and charity.
Thus shall best thy will be done,
Mighty Father, blessèd Son,
Holy Spirit, Three in One.

Sundays after Trinity: the works and Word

of God.




259 How excellent is thy loving kirdness, O God.

Ps. xxxvi. 7.
1 O LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope,

Above the heavenly orb ascends;
Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope

Beyond the spreading sky extends.

2 Thy justice like the hills remains ;

Ünfathom’d depths thy judgments are;
Thy providence the world sustains;

The whole creation is thy care. 3 Since of thy goodness all partake,

With what assurance should the just
Thy sheltering wings their refuge make,

And saints to thy protection trust. 4 Such guests shall to thy courts be led

To banquet on thy love's repast :
And drink, as from a fountain's head,

Of joys that shall for ever last.
5 With thee the springs of life remain :

Thy presence is eternal day :
O let thy saints thy favour gain,

To upright hearts thy truth display.”



The heavens declare the glory of God.

Ps. xix. 1.

[78. 69.

1 The heavens declare thy glory,

The firmament thy power;
Day unto day the story

Repeats from hour to hour :
Night unto night, replying,

Proclaims in every land,
O Lord, with voice undying

The wonders of thy hand.
2 The sun with royal splendour

Goes forth to chant thy praise;
And moonbeams soft and tender

Their gentler anthem raise :
O'er every tribe and nation

That music strange is pour'd;
The song of all creation

To thee, creation's Lord.

3 How perfect, just, and holy

The precepts thou hast given;
Still making wise the lowly,

They lift the thoughts to heaven:
How pure, how soul-restoring

Thy gospel's heavenly ray,
A brighter radiance pouring

Than noon of brightest day!
4 Thy statutes, Lord, with gladness

Rejoice the humble heart;
And guilty fear and sadness

From contrite souls depart:
Thy word hath richer treasure

s'han dwells within the mine,
And sweetness beyond measure

Attends thy voice divine.
5 O who can make confession

Of every secret sin ;
Or keep from all transgression

His spirit pure within ?
But let me never boldly

From thy commands depart,
Or render to thee coldly

The service of my heart.
6 All heaven on high rejoices

To do its Maker's will;
The stars with solemn voices

Resound thy praises still:
So let my whole behaviour,

Thoughts, words, and actions be,
O Lord, my strength, my Saviour,

One ceaseless song to thee."
261 Thy statutes have been my songs in the house

of my pilgrimage.—Ps. cxix. 54.
1 FATHER of mercies, in thy word

What endless glory shines !
For ever be thy name adored

For these celestial lines.


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