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These new hymns, so wiessed of God auring the last few years, canuvu ve ig uvitu vy Evangelical clergymen without great loss to their congregations."

From the late Rev. EDWARD AURIOL, M.A., Prebendary of St. Paul's and

Rector of St. Dunstan's. “I have had much satisfaction in adopting your • Hymnal Companion’for use in my Church, and rejoice to find that so many of my brethren have done the same; as the sound and scriptural principles of the book, combined with the excellence of the hymns, will, I trust, make the use of it a real blessing to the members of the several congregations."

Since the issue of the last Prospectus the number of Churches using the HYMNAL COMPANION, both at home and abroad, has so increased that it would be impossible to give a detailed list. It is sufficient to say that it is used in upwards of three thousand Churches, and that the present circulation amounts to over three hundred thousand a year,

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From the late Rev. J. C. MILLER, D.D., Canon of Rochester and Vicar of

Greenwich. “Feeling that a selection, which I compiled many years ago, had become antiquated, and that the treasury of the Church's Hymns and Spiritual Songs has been largely enriched, I thought it unfair to my people to retain a book which was out of date. We have now had the Hymnal Companion’ in use for some time, and I am very glad that it was the book chosen. I know none superior to it, while it is superior to most others."

From the Rev. A. M. W. CHRISTOPHER, M.A., Rector of St. Aldate's, Oxford,

“ I thank God for the enlarged Edition of your Hymnal now used in St. Aldate's Church. The additional hymns, so full of faith and love, are just what we wanted.

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