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3 One day of prayer and praise

His sacred courts within,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days

Of pleasurable sin.
4 My willing soul would stay

In such a frame as this;
And wait to hail the brighter day

Of everlasting bliss.

193 This is the day which the Lord hath made. [C.M.

Ps. cxviii. 24.
1 This is the day the Lord hath made,

He calls the hours his own;
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

And praise surround the throne.
2 To-day he rose and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell;
To-day the saints his triumphs spread,

And all his wonders tell,
3 Hosanna to the anointed King,

To David's only Son !
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring

Salvation from thy throne.
4 Bless'd be the Lord, who comes to men,

With messages of grace;
Who comes, in God his Father's name,

To save our sinful race.
5 Hosanna in the highest strains

The Church on earth can raise;
The highest heavens in which he reigns

Shall give him nobler praise.

194 The first day of the week.-Acts xx. 7. [C.M. 1 Blast day of God, how calm, how bright,

A day of joy and praise;
The labourer's rest, the saint's delight,

The first and best of days.

2 This day the Lord our Saviour rose

Victorious from the dead;
And, as a conqueror, his foes

In glorious triumph led.
3 This day believers doth enrich;
May grace

rest on them all :
It is their Pentecost, on which

The Holy Ghost doth fall.
4 As the first fruits an earnest prove

Of all the sheaves behind,
So they who do the Sabbath love

A happy week shall find.

195 Thou, Loril, hast made me glad through thy [L.M.

work.--Ps. xcii. 4.
1 SWEET is the work, my God, my King,

To praise thy name, give thanks, and sing,
To show thy love by morning light,

And talk of all thy truth at night. 2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest; No mortal cares shall seize


breast: O may my heart in tune be found,

Like David's harp of solemn sound.
3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord,

And bless his works, and bless his word;
Thy works of grace, how bright they shine!

How deep thy counsels, how divine! 4 And I shall share a glorious part,

When grace hath well refined my heart;
And fresh supplies of joy are shed,

Like holy oil, to cheer my head. .
5 Then shall I see, and hear, and know,

All I desired or wish'd below;
And every power find sweet employ
In that eternal world of joy.*

196 I will make them joyful in my house of prayer. [L.M.

Isa. lvi. 7. 1 Dear is to me the sabbath morn;

The village bells, the pastor's voice, These oft have found my heart forlorn,

And these have bid that heart rejoice. 2 And dear to me the winged hour

Spent in thy hallow'd courts, O Lord ; To feel devotion's soothing power,

And catch the manna of thy word. 3 And dear to me the loud Amen,

Which echoes through the bless'd abode, Which swells and sinks, and swells again,

Dies on the walls, but lives to God. 4 0, when the world, with iron hand,

Would bind me in its six days' chain, Thus burst, O Lord, the strong man's band,

And let my spirit loose again."



197 Praise ye him, all his angels.-Ps. cxlviii. 2.
1 Our day of praise is done;

The evening shadows fall;

not from us with the sun,
True Light that lightenest all!
2 Around the throne on high,

Where night can never be,
The white-robed harpers of the sky

Bring ceaseless hymns to thee. 3 Too faint our anthems here;

Too soon of praise we tire :
But oh, the strains how full and clear

Of that eternal choir !
4 Yet, Lord, to thy dear will

If thou attune the heart,
We in thine angels' music still

May bear our lower part.

5 'Tis thine each soul to calm,

Each wayward thought reclaim,
And make our life a daily psalm

Of glory to thy name.
6 A little while, and then

Shall come the glorious end;
And songs of angels and of men

In perfect praise shall blend.


TVe which have believed do enter into rest.

Heb. iv. 3.


1 ERE another Sabbath's close,

Ere again we seek repose,
Lord, our song ascends to thee,

At thy feet we bow the knee.
2 For the mercies of the day,

For this rest upon our way;
Thanks to thee alone be given,
Lord of earth, and King of heaven.

3 Cold our services have been,

Mingled every prayer with sin.
But thou canst and wilt forgive

By thy grace alone we live. .
4 Whilst this thorny path we tread,

May thy love our footsteps lead;
When our journey here is past,

May we rest with thee at last.
5 Let these earthly Sabbaths prove

Foretastes of our joys above;
While their steps thy pilgrims bend
To the rest which knows no end.

Sundays after Easter : Public Worship.


199 To see thy power and thy glory so as I have (L.M.

seen thee in the sanctuary.--Ps. Ixiii. 2. 1 O LORD, within thy sacred gates,

Where I so oft have sought for thee,
Again my longing spirit waits,
The fulness

of delight to see.
2 In blessing thee with thankful songs,

My happy life shall glide away :
The praise, that to thy name belongs,

Daily with lifted hands I'll pay. 3 Abundant sweetness, while I sing

Thy love, my favour'd soul o'erflows;
Secure in thee, my God, my King,

Of glory that no period knows. 4 More dear than life itself, thy love

My heart and tongue shall still employ;
Thy love to sing, thy grace to prove,

Be this my glory, peace, and joy."
200 In all places where I record my name I will [C.M.

come unto thee, and I will bless thee.

Exod. xx. 24.
1 Great Shepherd of thy people, hear;

Thy presence now display;
As thou hast given a place for prayer,

So give us hearts to pray.
2 Within these walls let holy peace,

And love, and concord dwell;
Here give the troubled conscience ease,

The wounded spirit heal.
3 May we in faith receive thy word,

În faith address our prayers ;
And in the presence


our Lord Unbosom all our cares.o

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