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2 “ It is finish’d.” O what pleasure

Do the wondrous words afford !
Heavenly blessings without measure
Flow to us from Christ the Lord.

“It is finish’d,"
Saints the dying words record.
3 Finish'd all the types and shadows

Of the ceremonial law,
Finish'd all that God had promised :
Death and hell no more shall awe.

“ It is finish’d,”
Saints from hence your comfort draw.
4 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs ;

Strike them to Emmanuel's name.
All on earth, and all in heaven,
Join the triumph to proclaim.

Glory to the bleeding Lamb ! •

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175 Who, when he hal purged our sins, sat [D. 8s. 78.

down on the right hand of the Majesty

on high.-Heb. i. 3.
1 HAIL, thou once despised Jesus,

Hail, thou Galilean King:
Thou didst suffer to release us,

Thou didst free salvation bring.
Hail, thou agonizing Saviour,

Bearer of our sin and shame,
By thy merits we find favour;

Life is given through thy name.
2 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,

All our sins were on thee laid :
By Almighty love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement made.
All thy people are forgiven,

Through the virtue of thy blood :
Open'd is the gate of heaven,

Peace is made 'twixt man and God.

3 Jesu, hail ! enthroned in glory,

There for ever to abide;
All the heavenly hosts adore thee,

Seated at thy Father's side :
There for sinners thou art pleading,

There thou dost our place prepare,
Ever for us interceding,

Till in glory we appear.
4 Worship, honour, power, and blessing

Thou art worthy to receive :
Loudest praises, without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give :
Help, ye bright angelic spirits,

Bring your sweetest noblest lays;
Help to sing our Saviour's merits,
Help to chant Emmanuel's praise."

Easter Ever.

176 Let us labour to enter into that rest.

[Six 78
Heb. iv. 11.
1 SABBATH of the saints of old,

Day of mysteries manifold,
By the great Creator blest,
Type of his eternal rest;
Resting from his work the Lord

Spake to-day the hallowing word.
2 Resting in the tomb to-day

Still the Saviour's body lay;
Wrapt in sleep, from head to feet
Shrouded in the winding-sheet,
Lying in the rock alone,

Hidden by the sealed stone.
3 Lord, with thee till life shall end

We would solemn vigil spend ;
Close the door from sight and sound
Of the busy world around,
And in patient watch remain
Till thou shalt appear again.

4 Still with thee their Sabbath keep

They who 'neath the altar sleep;
Resting from their labours past,
Waiting for the trumpet's blast;
When, the new creation done,

Endless joys shall be begun.
5 Jesu, keep us safe from sin;

With them let us enter in,
Danger past and toil at end;
And to those blest joys ascend
There in flesh our God to see,
And adore eternally.k



177 Thou hast led captivity captive.-Ps. lxviii. 18. [6s. 8s. 1 TAE happy morn is come;

Triumphant o'er the grave,
The Saviour leaves the tomb;

Omnipotent to save.
Captivity is captive led;

For Jesus liveth, that was dead.
2 Who now accuses them

For whom their Surety died ?
Who now shall those condemn

Whom God hath justified ?
Captivity is captive led ;

For Jesus liveth, that was dead.
3 Christ hath the ransom paid ;

The glorious work is done;
On him our help is laid ;

By him our victory won.
Captivity is captive led;
For Jesus liveth, that was dead."

178 Awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will [D.C.M.

awake early.—Ps. cviii. 2.
1 AWAKE, glad soul ! awake, awake!

Thy Lord hath risen long;
Go to his grave, and with thee take

Both tuneful heart and song;
Where life is waking all around,

Where love's sweet voices sing,
The first bright blossom may be found

Of an eternal spring.

2 The shade and gloom of life are fled

This resurrection day;
Henceforth in Christ are no more dead,

no more prey :
In Christ we live, in Christ we sleep,

In Christ we wake and rise;
And the sad tears death makes us weep,

He wipes from all our eyes.
3 And every bird and every tree,

And every opening flower,
Proclaim his glorious victory,

His resurrection power;
The folds are glad, the fields rejoice

With vernal verdure spread,
The little hills lift


their voice And shout that death is dead.

4 Then wake, glad heart! awake, awake !

And seek thy risen Lord,
Joy in his resurrection take

And comfort in his word :
And let thy life through all its ways

One long thanksgiving be,
Its theme of joy, its song of praise,

“ Christ died and rose for me."d

179 I have the keys of hell and of death.—Rev. i. 18. [11s.

1 “WELCOME, happy morning,” age to age shall

say; Hell to-day is vanquish’d, heaven is won to

day. Lo, the Dead is living, God for evermore ! Him their true Creator all his works adore.

“Welcome, happy morning,” age to age

shall say ;


Hell to-day is vanquish’d, heaven is won

to-day. 2 Earth with joy confesses, clothing her for

spring, All good gifts return’d with her returning Bloom in every meadow, leaves on every bough, Speak his sorrow ended, hail his triumph now.

Welcome, happy morning, &c. 3 Months in due succession, days of lengthening

light, Hours and passing moments praise thee in their

flight; Brightness of the morning, sky, and fields, and

sea, Vanquisher of darkness, bring their praise to


Welcome, happy morning, &c. 4 Maker and Redeemer, life and health of all, Thou from heaven beholding human nature's

fall, Of the Father's Godhead true and only Son, Manhood to deliver, manhood didst put on.

Welcome, happy morning, &c. 5 Thou, of life the Author, death didst undergo, Tread the path of darkness, saving strength to


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